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If a Person Blogs on the Internet

Updated on November 1, 2015

Blogging the Sounds of Life

If a person blogs on the Internet, and no one looks at it, does it make sound in this life? I heard the question before, “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, does it make a sound?” When I first heard it, I thought it was quite absurd, regardless if someone is there or not, sounds happen. The question became more thought provoking when I went on a hike with my oldest son (who was almost three at the time) through the Franklin State Forest in Tennessee. Our goal was to see a waterfall, which did not happen, but the quietness was so deafening and I started to think about the question and its validity. The sound of the wind was like that of a huge storm brewing when it blew through the trees, but it was just a breeze. Wild! This was the same trip I almost hit a deer on the highway when returning home.

Now, back to the question, if a person blogs on the Internet and no one looks at it, does it make a sound? I write today to show ways on how to get noticed on blogging. Not that mine have been heavy traffic areas, but I figure if you do the opposite of me, you should have more of an audience.

First, use mainstream topics. Now, not just topics in the news, but topics that have an emotional connection. Gun control was a huge one as of late, as well political topics. When blogging under these circumstances, phrase things that take a stand and get others involved. Strong platforms creates comments, but between you and me, be polite.

Second, have a catchy title. Titles attract people. The more catchy the title, the more likely you will get a larger audience. You can say gun control, but if you add in the title something about second amendment or make an emotional cry, you most likely will get more people to read it.

Third, use buzz words. Words that generate responses. I created a blog about gun control myself, but I believe that if I used more buzz words, I would get more comments and looks. Words like strongly disagree, you must be crazy to have this idea, or use the word sellouts. No one likes to be a sellout, so the word sellout brings responses, especially if you say others are being one.

Fourth, be thought provoking. If you can make someone ponder, even if they do not agree with your post, you have done something in the world of blogging. Surface level stuff only goes so far, research your topic and add some depth.

Lastly, personal stories draw readers. If they can relate, they will want to read it. Stories can also lead the reader to remember happy times or sad times in their life, based on your life story, and that creates a bond. Include photos too.

So, if someone blogs and no one reads it, does it actually make a sound in this life, you decide.


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