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Increase your Website or Blogs Presence with Social Bookmarking Sites

Updated on November 23, 2013
A picture of a well noted social network provider.
A picture of a well noted social network provider.

Is Social Network Marketing Similar to Social Bookmarking?

Social network marketing and social bookmarking should be familiarized as 2 separate entities.

That being said, social network marketing and social bookmarking are best matched when used in tandem.

Social Network Marketing (also known as Social Media Marketing, SNM and SMM) is the process of creating an alternate means of traffic generation, which in turn gains interested visitors to a particular blog or website.

This is best achieved by building high profile social network accounts.

A successful social network marketing campaign comprises of two main underlying factors.

Campaigns have to be attention grabbing and easily shared - This has to be the primary focus as grabbing attention will generally lead to sharing of a link among there own networks.

An affiliate of a company, who has access to the social media accounts, will start off by creating a buzz about a product or service.

The excitement is generally created by a recent post, update, article, video or link.

The intention is to grab ones attention, get an interest created that inhibits someone to share or re-post.

That same administrator (or another one) may keep in contact with current clients to provide basic support or customer service.

This helps to create brand awareness and improve a customers satisfaction and experiences with a company.

What's Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can be likened to SNM but with a more comprehensive approach that pushes a point further across multiple networking channels.

Bookmarking is done through social sites that lets users save a link and description of a page (similar to a bookmark in an internet browser) with tags, text, categorization and personalized features. This enables a user the ability to easily find, share, monitor and update there content.

RSS feeds on blogs and articles are also bookmarking features that someone interested in staying up to date with a page or product would use.

Companies that employ social bookmarking will vary with the networking websites they use in order to achieve the desired results.

A good site that puts to use all the quality features of a bookmarking site would be stumbleupon.

When a link is created options are available to categorize, name, add description and place keywords.

After a link is created it is then displayed to other members, providing them options to share, rate and bookmark.

How would a business or product benefit from social media branding?

The fact that everything is on a public and shared service is where a business derives its benefits from - It's the most easiest and affordable marketing direction for a business to create an online identity with significant rapport.

Not only are there benefits for a business from a marketing perspective, benefits are seen right across the board.

From search engine traffic - Search engines can easily find and index your content resulting in crawlers dropping by more frequently.

Enhanced SEO from available social media meta-data -.This is the most likened benefit for a website or business. The ability to use tags and the like which act as tag clouds or anchor text for links that further increase your targeted search engine keywords.

More notoriety about products - Not only does a business or website gain extra notoriety, so do the products that a business sells. This is gained through word of mouth and the sharing and bookmarking of posts or updates.

© 2013 Martin Heeremans


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      orange county website designers 

      5 years ago

      Good stuff.. I enjoyed it wile reading..

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      5 years ago

      Your blog states so many relevant tips and insights that we need to know regarding social media and blog posting. You have given us ample information on how we can be able to utilize social media for blogging. There's a lot of things that needs to be considered and you tackled enough information that is very useful and timely.


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