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Interview Tips for Malaysian

Updated on August 11, 2015

Interview Tips for Malaysian

The interviewer objectives

You must have your own objectives when applying for a job, and when you called for interview, you may also have goals you want to achieve if successfully passed the interview. Yes, you certainly know your own objective.

But you know your interviewer will be objective? To be successful in the interview, you need to know the objectives of your interviewer.

The following are among the objectives of the interviewer. Typically, the interviewer will be looking for candidates with the following characteristics:

- Ability to communicate well
- Have relevant qualifications
- Eager
- Initiative
- Has a record of work / good lesson
- Berwatakan Interest

Evaluate yourself

Before you attend the interview, you should be able to evaluate yourself before evaluated by the interviewer. You need to see yourself in terms of: -

- Excess yourself
- Personality
- Academic Achievement and Jobs
- Strengths and weaknesses
- Perception
- General Knowledge
- Work Experience

Most of the questions the interviewer about the above aspects. Try to dive into yourself, and list the details, identify your weaknesses and try to improve it before the interview.

This ensures you can answer the interviewer's questions with more confidence and positive.

Behavior and manners During Interview # 1

When about to go into the interview room SHOULD be terrified. Make it as normal.

- Say "Hi / Hello", "Good Morning" or "Good evening" according to the circumstances of the time. It will provide a warm feeling between you danpenemuduga.

- Do not extend your hand for a handshake while the interviewer does not do motion earlier that it wanted to do so.

- Do you sit as long as no prompting. When you are told to sit down, thank you and sit down and hold your body perfectly.

- Do not rage.

- Do you place objects or hands or your elbows on the table the interviewer.

- Do not you try to remove the condition that the seat provided.

- Do not shake or move it away here and there.

- Do you try to read the letters and other papers on the table interviewer

Let the interviewer start the interview.

- Do not you answer the questions in a hurry. Instead, answer with calm and clear and easily heard. Answers you should give it right.

- Do not talk at length, and do not use coarse language.

- When talking gaze upon the face of the interviewer. If the members of the interviewing panel is more than one then hover your answers to the Panel.

- Use words such as Mr. or Mrs. in particular those from time to time, but do not always use it.

- Do not interrupt when the interviewer is talking and never argue with him.

- Do not smoke or chew anything in the mouth.

Behavior and manners During Interview # 2

- Never remove the words are not really present in the interview.

- If you do not know the answer to that questioning it, do not try to lie or remain silent, because this will weaken your chances.

- That's good that you talk frankly you do not know the answer.

- Be prepared to tell the interviewer about your family, school, hobbies and activities. Do not talk over and which should not.

- Do not discuss any personal issues during interviews.

- If you have ever worked before, give a brief and accurate information with respect to the job.

- Never you try to criticize your former employer.

- State your qualifications and graduation is right, but do not exaggerate the matter.

- You should know a bit of the tasks pertaining to the work, working time and salary expected due to be paid at the outset.

- Be prepared to tell the wages you want. However, let the interviewer submit the matter beforehand.

- If the interviewer does not specify the date on which you should know the results of the interview, you will probably want to ask so that you can come back to his office to find out the decision. If he agrees to ask the appropriate date and time for him.

- Let the interviewer finish the interview.

- Thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to participate in the interview.

Control emotions during the interview

While in the interview room, most times you will be asked questions that you are not ready. These questions mainly seems to be "challenging" your credibility.

What you need to do is:

- Remind yourself that the interviewer is testing you.

- Answer clearly and loudly,

- Scrape the nature of your ego,

- Calm yourself before answering a question, the interviewer will often try to use your responses to counteract.

- Plenty of smiles.

- Emphasize in your answers that support the details written in the CV / resume. Give emphasis on your achievements are not accessible to others.

- Never point you lost interest in the job offer.

- In addition, you are advised not jumping around to answer questions of this kind of interview, take time to think for a moment, and answer with a calm mind.

Article offensive interviewer

Here are the things you should avoid when in the interview room to avoid getting bored interviewer and offensive to you:

- Speaking of things that are not related to extremes.

- Do not focus on a particular interviewer when interviewed more than one interviewer.

- Avoid answering questions from the interviewer.

- Looking for knowledge interviewer low, this can be seen with your answer.

- Challenging the interviewer by asking questions that the complicated and too technical.

- Using the names of people or well-known ranking in your conversation with the interviewer interview with expectations impressed with you

These things are not only boring interviewer, but will make the interviewer feel offensive to you and take a decision to waive your application for the position. Hopefully with a bit of information will help you to be successful during the interview.


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