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Investing With HubPages

Updated on October 10, 2010

HubPage Company Information

Go to the bottom of any page on the HubPages site and click on the rectangle labeled About Us and you will be taken to a page that first describes what HubPages is about.

Following this are photos and brief professional biographies of the Executive Team which consists of the three co-founders of the company - Paul Edmondson the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Jay Reitz the Vice President of Engineering and Paul Deeds the Senior Software Engineer.

Next is a very short statement which says that HubPages is a privately held company which has been funded by Hummer Winbald Venture Partners. Clicking on the link for Hummer Winbald Venture Partners takes you to the home page for Hummer Winbald which explains that they were founded in 1989 and were the first venture capital fund to invest exclusively in software companies.

If you click on the word Portfolio on the left side of the page you will be taken to a page listing all of their current investments in alphabetical order with HubPages appearing between a company called GNi which provides data center management services and IMX which provides Client/Server services to the Finance and Mortgage industry.

HubPages Enables One to Start a Business for Free

HubPages is a corporation as evidenced by the Inc. after its name in the copyright notice in the graphic above.

However, unlike some other corporations like Microsoft or Google which are public corporations meaning that their stock has been registered and approved by the government for sale to the public at large, HubPages is a private corporation which means that its stock is not available for public sale and is owned entirely by a small group of individuals and/or institutions.

In the case of HubPages , most of its stock is probably owned by Hummer Winbald Venture Partners and the founders of HubPages as this is the way the stock of small start up tech companies is usually owned (note: no interviews were done for this article and all information for the article is based upon either my knowledge of the industry and investing or upon the information gleaned from the HubPages and Hummer Winbald Venture Partners web pages which are linked above).

While most (Paul Edmondson being an exception) of my fellow Hubbers and I cannot invest directly in HubPages, the company is providing us with the vehicle upon which we are able to build our own businesses.

The beauty of this is that it provides us with a means of building a business without having to invest any money. True, it helps if one has a computer and Internet connection (as I have), both of which cost money. In most cases we already have that and, if one doesn't have a computer and Internet connection they can always access the Internet for free (the price is free courtesy of the local taxpayers, but you will have to pay in terms of the extra time you will have to give up to do this).

Of course all of us have to invest our time, energy and intellectual skills in producing the content we publish on HubPages. But HubPages is a way to begin generating an income stream, which can then be used to either invest in something bigger or as simply an additional source of pocket money, without having to either make a commitment to an employer or invest money up front.

Of course, while the management team and other employees at HubPages are wonderful people, they obviously are not providing this service to us out of the goodness of their hearts and they are being paid by us indirectly for the service they are providing.

In most cases we as authors receive half of the Google AdSense ad revenue that our Hubs generate with the other half being retained by HubPages. In return for HupPages, Inc. keeping half of the AdSense revenue our Hubs generate, they provide us with search engine optimization, marketing services and space on a site that, like a powerful magnet, draws ever increasing numbers of people world-wide to our articles.

In a sense writing for HubPages is similar to being provided with retail space on the main thoroughfare of a busy shopping mall for free. I personally have two other blogs where I get to keep 100% of of the Google Adsense revenues. However, at three to four dollars a month in revenues it would be a long time before my earnings would reach the $100 needed for Google to send me a check. With HubPages I generate enough to get a check every month with money from my other two blogs being a nice little extra in that check.

Thus, while we can't, at the present at least, invest in HubPages directly with our money to purchase a share of the company and a portion of its future profits, we can indirectly invest our time, effort and talent in providing quality content for HubPages to market and share the revenues with us. For many of us HubPages is proving to be a wise and profitable investment.


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