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Hubpages Vs Facebook

Updated on May 14, 2012

A former Facebook Addict

A couple of years ago I discovered Facebook. With it came the buzz and excitement finding many old friends that I had lost contact with during my many moves around the country. You see I would never count myself as someone who is an organised person who can keep in contact, write letters, send parcels, make telephone calls regularly an d even though I have made many 'real life' friends through college, work and church through the years, i have inevitably lost contact with them when I have moved on to a new place! Therefore the dawn of Facebook in my life has been brilliant. I've been able to find friends, private message them, and even have live chats with them for free! I have learned all about my friends' children and their lives that I have missed out on throughout the years.

Since then many other social networks have come across my radar including twitter and the local university forums but none of them captured my imagination and drew me back in the same way as Facebook.

However all that changed about four weeks ago when quite by accident, I stumbled upon Hubpages. I read some of the profiles of the more experienced Hubbers who claimed to have thousands of followers and also claimed to be making a decent little income out of writing about their area of expertise!

I became quite excited! Why couldn't I do the same. A stay at home mother due to illness, I have lots of expertise in my areas of study I hastily began to write. The idea of making money through Amazon and Google Adsense spurred me on. Soon my first article was ready to be published! I wrote about one of my favourite topics: As a former Pre-school educator and a mother who loves reading to her two little girls I knew that I was an expert in this topic. I read and re-read my first Hub for spelling error and gramatical errors and finally I hit publish! I waited with baited breath. And then YES!! It was accepted! I had become a published author!

I checked back the next day to find that my Hub had reached a score of 60 and that I had a fan. Me - A Fan! I have never had a fan in my life! I dont even know if my husband is much of a fan of some of the things I do! Well he has to put up with me whether he likes it or not. My children dont have much choice either but now I have a real fan! I could feel my head getting bigger. This was much better than having multiple friends on facebook. I hastily got busy writing my next Hub.

Unfortunately I hit a bump in the road with article number two. I used material that I had previously used for a magazine article. Hubpages refused to publish my Hub. I tried to edit and change the material but no it still was not accepted. It was seen as duplicate. I began to feel deflated. What if everything I write has a duplicate? I decided to do some research and have a look at the learning centre on Hubpages before I continued.

Today I have 18 Published Hubs and 24 fans on Hubpages. I have a long way to go to reach the thousands of fans and Hubs that many other people have but I am already spending every spare minute thinking about my next Hub!

if you are starting out or thinking about joining Hubpages think about this:

  1. Having Fans is addictive and it can give you a big head :)
  2. You may not be able to stop yourself checking in to see if you have any new Fanmail or if your Hubscore has gone up. It's addictive!
  3. You will want to write just one more Hub so that you can get that little badge on your page! Or win the writing contest. Or complete the 30 days challenge!
  4. You will possibly start to see inspiration for your next Hub in just about everything!
  5. You will start to make friends from all around the world
  6. It's great fun and your writing ability will improve very very quickly.

One month on and I still have not made any money through Hubpages. I am still learning about linking, backlinking, promoting Hubs and so much more. I check into my Hubpages on just about every opportunity I can get so that I can learn a little more. I have even stopped watching my favourite TV programmes! My writing skills, grammar and attention to detail have improved enormously. My friends and family have heard all about it. Facebook has become a thing of the past for me.

Is Hubpages Addictive?

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Is Hubpages More Addictive Than Facebook?

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    • mathair profile image

      mathair 6 years ago from Ireland

      Thank you everyone for your comments and good wishes. I have to agree with your comment, Bible Studies about the Games on Facebook. At least the time spent on Hubpages, whether it is spent writing or reading is time well spent. I have learnt so much about so many different subjects since joining - Wouldn't you agree?

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your perspectives. You seem to be making rapid progress, and I wish you success! W.E.

    • Bible Studies profile image

      Bible Studies 6 years ago from PA

      Hub pages can become addictive if you let it. I think it should be if you write well, and make a decent amount from the ads.

      Facebook is more addictive with all the games they have. I was on Facebook so much playing zoo and farmville that I had to quit cold turkey. It was taking up way too much of my time. At least it was only a short period.

      You know you are addicted when your family starts to complain that your on there too long, and not spending enough time with them.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      You'll make money in time. Hubs need to age awhile. If you are addicted to Hubpages, don't visit the forums. They are even more addictive. I don't spend half as much time on Facebook now.