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Is it me or does trolling calculate the public?

Updated on November 6, 2015

Say what you mean.

Trolling is another person deferring or contradicting what's being said with ignorance. The problem with trolling however, is that it's specifically targeted to not be detected by the person that's not being targeted to make them look like a fool. Ultimately, getting them to respond in a negative or irrational way often times there are cases where great minds have gone insane due to trolling. Some people think this is funny, but it's not it's extremely anti social and hurtful. Honestly, responding to it all is pointless and expressing an opinion seems like a waste. Now that's coming from one end of the spectrum, one should always say what they feel and if the other party doesn't like what's being said then simply disregard what's at hand. To generally speak for any instance seems like a cookie cutter excuse to heckle in an ordinary day to day aspect of life. In the real world or the cyber content of the online culture, there's just too many various instances where this is modern day heckle. My point being is that it's modern because everyone is a victim. Being as it may having a strong mind can help with controlling oneself through this, or in the least finding a way to ignore the troller and truly find a way to say what truly comes from the heart.

The heckler.

It's not easy going up in front of a crowd and displaying everything out there for the world to see. Sometimes those who grow up in very competitive environments just believe that they are sub par and average and nothing special. Often times scared to actually go out into the world and display actual talent out of fear of rejection. To their dismay when facing that first fear, coming across their first heckler in the adult world. Now this heckler can come in the form of a bully more to say however you put it. Being scared often gravitating to the first people that come in near, quickly realizing that having that intuition and knowing not to just let anyone talk to in the manner they please. Once that's understood things won't escalate into matters of depression and losing that fire. It's a competitive world out there and people only get jealous of new comers or rising stars and sometimes it's just harder to get somebody on to depend on. Gaining approval shouldn't be the main drive for anything that's going to be done in anything that a human ever does in life, that's called codependency. If one truly loves what they do it's the choices in life that defines us not the conditions we live. These haters that we call hecklers or trollers start out big but keep in mind that there is sanity at the end of the tunnel. However, trolling is not the worst thing in the world, there are worst things. Keep in mind when being trolled that other problems exist besides this problem.

I have compassion

Don't get this confused, I still have compassion for mankind. What I mean by that is I'm sure there's a point to all that sarcasm or at least a method to all that madness. Although, it may drive one another insane the anger has to come from somewhere I presume? Now this article was not written out of emotion, purely written to captivate the reader and spark a discussion. Some might argue that society as a whole is predictable, as far as mental imagination and thought process. Now, why must we contradict each other if we each think each other has a some what menial innovative thought process? At that risk it's safe to say one has to fight for the respect to have a good conversation with someone. With experience I can validate, but that's just my opinion life is about working for what is made and received. One thing trolling can do however, is keep somebody grounded. being knocked off the high pedestal can be humbling and for some people they would rather not feel the sensation. However, for others it feels nice to be restored back to reality once in awhile. With that being said I hope you enjoyed my style of writing and weren't too mislead thinking this was a straight bash trolling.


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