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is it worth being an Ebay top rated seller?

Updated on May 8, 2013

To be quite honest I would have to say that it is .

It obviously does have its down sides in that automatically people think that you are a huge company with massive warehouses full of every different kind of variation of the one off item you are actually selling.

An example of this is that I sell some fancy dress outfits and always list them with exact sizes so there can be no mistake, but there are still lots of occasions when I get the dreaded email saying this outfit doesn’t fit could you send me one a size larger, then I have to soothe the outrage that a top rated seller has not got loads of different sizes just the one listed .

Also it is happening more often that unscrupulous people will resort to feedback bullying i.e. (I am not as happy with your product as I feel I should be therefore can you refund me a percentage or I will be forced to leave you bad feedback and ratings ).

However on the whole most people are honest and reasonable and it actually gives me a great amount of joy when I get emails from really happy customers who are astonished at the lengths I go to to ensure they have a good buying experience .

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty what are the benefits:

1.a "top rated seller" badge is displayed on item listing and search result page

this lets the public know you give exceptional service and are highly trustworthy and any problems that occur will be dealt with in a timely fashion .

2. you can get a discount on your final value fees starting at 20% if you are a bronze or silver power seller going up to 25% for gold and above & finally 30% if you should reach the heady heights of titanium power seller .

3. promotion in Best Match search results for Fixed Priced listings

4. featured first is an option only offered to top rated sellers , allowing you (for a fee ) to place your listing at the top of the list .

5. eBay provides Power Sellers and Top-rated sellers with priority customer support and technical assistance. The level of service is based on your activity on the site as follows:

Bronze/Silver: 24 hour email support, phone support from 6am-10pm Pacific time

Gold /Platinum: 24 hour email support, phone support from 6am-10pm Pacific time, specialized account servicing

Titanium: 24 hour email support, phone support from 6am-10pm Pacific time, eligible for designated account management

6. unpaid item protection

7. Top-rated sellers can save up to 32% off UPS (requires you to reach certain targets to qualify ) Standard List Rates. The more you ship, the bigger the discount

8..As a Top-rated seller, you can make a difference in your community with Powerful Giving. eBay Foundation's Powerful Giving program gives Power Sellers and Top-rated sellers the opportunity to recommend non-profit organizations that you would like to see receive a charitable contribution from the Foundation

My experience of being Top-rated is really only quite limited I only have a small ebay shop so I am sure I have missed some benefits out, if so I can only apologise and if people could let me know I will add them to this hub.



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    • LoriSoard profile image

      LoriSoard 6 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      I think that customers do look at whether you have good feedback or not and your ratings. It probably helps somewhat.