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Is writing about outings what makes a bloggers life worthwhile?

Updated on May 20, 2017

Is writing about outings what makes a bloggers life worthwhile?

When you ponder about your life and your blog and what your blog does for you what is your first thought? I don’t mean what other people think of you I mean what you think of yourself. Since you are a blogger you can make your own hours and write about limitless things or whatever you want, so why not write about what you do in your life the things you do in your life are limitless after all. That is what most people would do if they blog or so you would think. Or at least the interesting events. How many people actually do that, though? I guess it depends on what blogger you talk to, and what they do because every person who blogs, blogs about different things. Most of the time bloggers blog about what is interesting to them, and if outings that they take are interesting to them why wouldn’t they blog about them? Pick a specific time of the week to write about a good outing in your life that you feel other people would enjoy hearing about. Which means bloggers will blog about a limitless number of things in the same niche or genre to keep a person's attention on their blog.

That is not the question, though. The question is, is blogging about outings that you have gone on, what makes a bloggers life worthwhile? I guess it depends on who you talk to and how interesting what you do with your life is and how many things you think are interesting enough in your life to write about and tell the world and would the people you're telling enjoy hearing about the outings you have? I know that some bloggers blog about outings that we have, but I don’t think that makes our lives worthwhile, I think just writing and getting people to read your work is what makes your life worthwhile if that is how you choose to make money for yourself, that is. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sure if you go out on an outing that is interesting and then you blog about it that is cool, but do you go out all the time to look for different things to blog about? Like going out to different events or do different things like walking or hiking and then blog about it, do you think that is what makes a bloggers life worthwhile if they do that? Sure writing about some outings that you have been on, are interesting for your readers to read about but not every single outing you go on.

For example, I have written a post about one of my Toronto trips and what I did and experienced while I was there. When a blogger goes out on outings they get new ideas for different posts in the future but do they always write about their outings? No, they don’t only the outings that they think would be interesting to their readers and that is why I only wrote about two of my Toronto trips not all of them because they weren’t that interesting. But are the outings that bloggers take and blog about what makes their life worthwhile?

I don’t think so, it’s what they blog about and getting the readership for their other posts. That they have written about along with the posts about the outings that they have been on. Sure you can blog about outings but every blogger needs to change up what they write every once in a while. That is why writing about different things along with the outings that you experience is a good idea. It is good to give your readers variety, and if you write only about the outings that you have experienced that isn’t much variety is it? So write about your outings that you think your readers will be interested in but write about other things too. I will give you an example of ideas for posts that I have written down, power shopping what is it really? Is a post that I am thinking of writing later on, and can pictures tell a full story is another one I am thinking of? There are much more but you are just going to have to wait and see about them later.

Sure writing about outings which you experience can be fun for your readers but if you change up what you write about it will keep them more engaged. What do you think? I write about whatever I want, I come up with a list and then pick from the list each day to keep my readers interesting in the different things that I blog about.

Is writing about outings what makes a bloggers life worthwhile?

Do you ever write about outings you experience in your blog?

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Outings can be limitless and so can writing about them

Writing about a limitless number of things including your outings is good but remember to switch it up to keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Although writing about outings might not make your life worthwhile if you don't like to write about that. It depends on the person and what they want to write about, but never forget that outings that you take give your audience a new look on your blog and they can live through your outing with you if you make it just interesting enough that they can.

Writing about outings can be limitless because you are describing your experiences while out on the outing. However are they what makes a bloggers life worthwhile? It can be fun for sure, but is that what makes a bloggers life worthwhile? I guess it depends on the outing and how it relates to your blog topic. Which could make your life as a blogger worthwhile because you're having fun while you work as well.

If you write about the limitless amounts of outings that you have where it relates to your blog, more and more people will check your outing destination. When more and more people check your outing destination out the people who own it get more money or it gets more use which is great so that it is not some forgotten place.

I think that writing about outings as a blogger is one thing that makes their life worthwhile because they are experiencing something and then letting people know all about it, in an interesting way through a blog post which means they are reliving their outing and introducing it to others in hopes they experience it as well. Which is what most bloggers want, don't they at least that is what I want a blogger when I experience things and tell people about them.

It makes a bloggers life worthwhile because they are experiencing a limitless amount of new things which means each one of their blog posts is something new and exciting and it won't bore their readers. That is why writing about outings is limitless for a blogger and exciting because they can make it seem as though it is the best place in the world and you will have limitless experiences if you go to the place that they are talking about.

However, this is just my opinion do you agree with this or not? I feel that writing about outings is what makes a bloggers life worthwhile because then they are getting and experiencing new things rather than staying in one place and writing from the head instead of seeing what is out there.

The condo where I stayed when I visited Toronto
The condo where I stayed when I visited Toronto

Being a blogger and going on outings is amazing for writing

Outings are great. especially for a blogger because they get to get out and experience things and then write about them on their blog. Which is what makes blogging limitless because there are a limitless number of things that bloggers can do for outings and still focus on their niches. Outings give bloggers a change of pace and scenery when they write which can help them come up with fresh content that will keep the reader coming back. At least that is what I like about outings as a blogger.

A place where I went on one of my outings that I wrote about
A place where I went on one of my outings that I wrote about

Do you think as blogger writing about outings makes your life worthwhile? Let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      No, it does not always interest readers. Readers want varying topics and so you should keep them engaged on varying subjects, not simply about your outings.