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It's Just About Time We Speak

Updated on July 14, 2017

It's just about time we speak!

Admist of all the people and the gallore she saw herself smile. A ray of hope, a ray of happiness passed her sweet face. Today she was happy but more than that she was content.

She wondered how fair life had been, climbing the ladder of success had certainly not been easy , but the gallore and respect seemed worth the struggle. A small town girl gone big. From rags to an entrepreneur. A true inspiration for most.

A thought passed her mind, it was the same her. The one who was bullied for being plumpy and innocent. The one who was a fun target throughout her childhood. But she believed there was some thing in her that kept her going. All the way along till where she has come. She found the same people congratulating her who once pulled her down. Such strange life is she thought.

Her inner voice said to her, isn't it about time we speak? Opportunities emerge and vanish with in a blink of an eye. Yesterday's tea seller becomes today's enterpreneur today's industrialist becomes tomorrow's worker. Time is a strange tide and we can never how it twists and turns. But it's these twists and turns that keep us going. The good times give us motivation, the bad times teach us lessons. These same lessons become our principles that we follow during the good times.

She wondered that time is a rather rare resource. The only way she could make it out of her struggles was to face them. The only way she will be able to maintain her success will be struggle again with dedication. She struggled yesterday and she will struggle today. But today she is content with her struggle. It's a different kind of struggle at a different time. She's finally at peace with her inner voice that "it's just about time we speak".


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