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Join Hubpages to Make Money Online - Or They Good Or Bad?

Updated on September 24, 2010

Why Join Hubpages?

If you would like to share your ideas, Make Money Online or write about a topic your passionate about , pretty much, any topic, HubPages is the perfect place to begin.

What's the good points about HubPages?

>>> HubPages permits everyone to earn money from writing with...Google Adsense...Amazon...eBay...And some others.

>>> HubPages hosts your content free of charge. With HubPages, you do not have to pay fees or be concerned about internet hosting and web design. There's no approval waiting period, so when you publish your article, it's accessible by the public.

>>> HubPages is often crawled by Google's bots. Articles made on HubPages get speedily indexed, and begin showing up on Google, oftentimes within the day. The most that any of my article has taken to appear on Google is 2-5 days.

>>> HubPages is simple, easy interface for publishing your content and articles. You don't need to have any knowdelge hypertext markup language, or web design expertise.

>>> HubPages is operated by an streamlined team who's precise and sensitive to user questions and suggestions.

>>> HubPages has a marvelous group of users. There are a lot of active members who know a great deal about website promotion, and designing. A lot of of them are very willing to help you by sharing their this expertise for free. There are as well a lot of expert writers, who know a lot about a vast array of issues, so it's not too hard to discover a group of folks to help review, and better your writing skills. There's even a bulletin board for posting your articles to get input from other authors. I discovered a great deal about site promotion, and writing, from the HubPages community.

Heard enough?  Ready to join? Take the tour Right Now!

>>> HubPages has a lot of absorbing community activities. There's HubNuggets where a few high quality articles are picked out weekly, and members vote on which ones they like better. The top 5 are featured in the weekly HubPages newsletter, that's sent to all users. There's as well HubMob where afresh topic is set forth weekly, and a lot of members take part by writing articles on the common issue. These activities assist new members get hitched with the existing community.

>>> HubPages is an absorbing place to be part of. There's always something taking place in the Forums, or some riveting discussion happening about an particular article. There are a lot of brilliant and attractive personalities on HubPages, you'll have a hard time pulling yourself away from the Forums to write your article.


What's the bad points about HubPages?

>>> HubPages articles don't begin with a Google ranking. This is in direct contrast to some other article directories, for instance, Ezine articles, which gives their articles a better Google ranking from the start.

>>> HubPages authors only earn 60% of the total advertisements on hub articles. A click on an writer owned link will give income for the author, while a click on the other 40% of ads will give income to HubPages.

>>> HubPages itself does little to assist writers promote their own pages. It's generally up to the individual writers to get traffic to their own hubs.

>>> HubPages only permits hub to have 2 links to the same domain.

>>> HubPages manipulates how ads come out and wherever they appear in your hub. You don't have the ability to enter hypertext markup language code.

Why Join Join Hubpages to Make Money Online?

>>> HubPages boasts very low or zero startup costs. No web design expertise is required, and their service is free to use and join.

>>> HubPages is a excellent place to begin learning about how to make money online with no cost to you.

>>> HubPages can provide you with back links to assist driving traffic to your other sites.

You won't find a FREE Website as good as Hubpages anywhere else...And for a newbie starting out learning the ins and outs of internet marketing it's all there for you!

If this sounds like fun it is! Take the Tour Now and join...Once you've joined follow me and I will help you get stated into the fun world of Using Hubpages to Make Money Online.



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