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Keyword Stuffers; Penguin is coming to Get YOU!

Updated on March 7, 2015

If You didn't Like Panda; You'll Hate Penguin

I think we all recall in 2011 when Google introduced its Rolling Panda, and Hubpages took a serious hit.

The term "Content Farm" was often used.

This did not really solve the problem. Those who pack their ‘articles’ with ‘Keywords’ were still profiting. . For those who have never descended to this level, the following example is useful.

I don't think I need to indicate what the 'Keywords' are in the below paragraph.

KeyWord Stuffing

The paragraph in the image on the right is what is called Keyword Stuffing. That is, to get a SEO word and repeat it. The article is empty, but Search Engines will push it to the top of the list.

This is what Google sought to end in 2011 with their Panda.

How the Penguin will be tweaked so as to differentiate between the quality article and the Keyword Stuffed rubbish is unknown. However, it may be that the days of ‘Keyword Stuffing’ are about to end.


Years ago, 'writers' (term used loosely). figured out how to 'play' Google.

To get on the first pages one had to use the 'key word' frequently. Hence, if I wrote a fantastically well researched, grammatically perfect, capable of thesis use article on Tamerlane, and you wrote an empty piece of prose in which you used the name 'Tamerlane' in every sentence, your item would be on Page One; mine, wayyyyyyyyy in the back.

There was little point in using Google to find information.

So Google put its 'foot' down.

You've been Warned

Those who developed that kind of 'writing' (term used loosely) as portrayed in the example, will have seen their hits plummet. The need to have those 'KeyWords" to seduce Google's Search Engine will have to be carefully weighed and measured.

Those who have never slumped to use this method might rue the fact that they could be buying their new Jaguar if they'd stopped writing quality and gone for the stuffing.


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