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Updated on November 19, 2012


This Hub sees me reach a personal landmark as it is my 200th Hub since I began to write Hubs back in 2010. What motivated me to start the Hub process has long deserted me as to the origin but no doubt that, as through my life I have always been more of a wordsmith than any other aspect approaching academic activity, it was a sort of natural thing to take to.

However, it was not until I suffered a perforated bowel in July 2010 and had ,as a result of the operation to deal with that, cancer diagnosed that my Hub writing really took off. Having had the emergency operation, I returned home in a weakened state, so the keyboard provided me with an activity that I could continue to do over the recovery process. The swift diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's Disease in the form of a Lymphoma on my liver, provided the subsequent catalyst to write on.

I was, from the very first moment of diagnosis, personally aware that developing a Positive Mental Attitude was essential to complement the medical expertise and treatment available to me. In actively working to develop and maintain that PMA, the Hubs became an important part of my life. My motivation was both selfish and selfless, for whilst I knew that by wring my treatments and experiences along the road for my own ends, that it was possible that what I was able to put in words could also be of help and assistance to others both at the time and for the future. It never crossed my mind that if the Cancer were to defy treatment that what I had written would be an empty vessel, but then, I was full of positive mental attitude and the prospect of failure was not to be an option.

Thus, of the 200 Hubs ,a goodly proportion will be found to deal with the days when I was to say, "I Have a Lymphoma ", to even more when after the Lymphoma was zapped by the chemotherapy, treatment continued and was recorded by Hubs following my progress under ,"I Had a Lymphoma ". I know from contacts received over the period from others, that as well as helping me on the rocky road I travelled, that others found them a source of both hope and inspiration, which made the composing of them doubly worthwhile.

However, having now been in remission since February 2011, I have continued to Hub and on many topics mainly relating to Health, Politics and Social issues with the odd wild card inserted. The result 200 Hubs, over 4000 readers and the satisfaction of being advised that many, if not all are considered engaging and read fully by those alighting upon them. To those who do read my stuff my thanks and for those who offer their comments double thanks, whether they are in agreement or opposition to me, and from wherever on the globe they may be situated. As a result, I arrive at 200 and can confirm that whilst arriving is far from unpleasant, the real pleasure is in the journeying.


Reaching 200 Hubs is a milestone for me, so I checked on what had proved popular and what not, so here are the results.

The Good :

Most Read : "Arthritis. Can Simple Copper Coins Be The Cure ? " This Hub featured the discovery by a sufferer that putting pure copper coins in the inner soles of his feet provided a cure for his arthritis. I put down the high readership not to my quality of writing but that clearly, arthritis is an ailment that afflicts many.

Second Most Read : The Perforated Bowel and The Start Of My Cancer Problems. Maybe the fact that quite a lot of people were aware initially of what was happening to me and the power of word of mouth saw this Hub off to a good start ,though it continues to attract readers to this very day.

Third Best Read : "I Had A Lymphoma ---- The Red Death. The power of a title is not to be underestimated at anytime but this proved compelling, telling as it did, the eating away of part of my heart wall by one of the drugs in my chemotherapy cocktail. Happily, the heart can repair this itself and echo grams subsequent to the end of treatment have shown my damage repaired.


It is interesting that the lowest readerships were in equal numbers and I have no idea as to why they recorded such low figures compared to others of a not dissimilar nature.

In no particular order the three are :

I Had A Lymphoma { No 41 }.

UK Ashes Turn to Ashes.

A Sleep, A Sleep.

Readers of this Hub may like to give them a read and form their own opinions.


So, I reach 200 definitely not out and determined to bat on. Every day, every weekend especially, there are topics which grab my attention and which I feel justified in putting on my own outlook to them and present them as a Hub to a potential audience of readers in every corner of the world. That is now a real excitement in knowing that what is written may be read in all parts and by all kinds of people with all kinds of views. If such a prospect does not motivate one to hit the keyboard, as inexpertly as I with one finger so do, I do not know what will. Thus, 200 up, so onwards and hopefully upwards through the next 100 Hubs to reach 300 . Consequently, if you are with me so far, thank you for reading and my hopes that you will visit the pages yet to come and find something of interest and maybe of value within.


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