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Learn how to use you tube for business

Updated on January 28, 2016

Video Marketing


You tube and business

Do you know that you tube is the second largest search engine! Only trailing google by a slim margine. I bet a lot of people only thought you tube was made for watching music videos. Not only can you watch music videos you can learn how to build a car from start to finish. And you get to watch it be done not just read about it.

You tube is in my opinion the best site on the internet.I learn more by watching and seeing something done then reading it. I guess I'm a visial person but reading is visial so I would like to say seeing a video makes it easier to understand something. Reason being you get to watch it and by watching it's easier for me to get the knowledge for what is being presented.

The best way I can explain it is by reading a book and watching a movie. In a movie you get to see and hear everything being played out. Which in turn grabs your attention more and if something grabs your attention your going to learn more understand more and in my opinion remember more.

You can read the same book as the video you watched it doesn't necessarily have to be a movie pick any topic! First it takes longer second and most important you do not have any sound as you do in a video. Reason this is so important sound effects grab your attention. The change in voices, music etc...

Don't get me wrong I love reading and believe you can and will gain a ton of knowledge. Its just with video you can get people attention better and with you tube you can see that play out. That's why it is so popular and effective!

Now let's get to making money with you tube. When it comes to the internet you really don't know who your talking to. You do not know who is on the other side of that screen. So when you visit a website to buy something your not sure if you can trust that site. And if your looking to sell trust is a hugh factor.

Lets use a car for example would you buy a used car off the internet? I would not but a lot of people do. And a lot of people get ripped off and some might get a great deal. Now if you can see a video maybe like showing the inside of the car the motor you could even be taken for a ride in the car through you tube by video.

You would be able to see what type of person you are dealing with the personality and then you can decide if you can trust that person. At least seeing the person by video you get a better insight on the sells person.

You tube is a must to use if you have an online business and it would help a great deal with any business. Think about this let's use the walmart by your house I know there is one there because walmart is everywhere. Now your not going to care to see the owner of walmart but the store manger of that walmart.

I think that would really help us in trusting that store a little more. Even though walmart has it's own polices that every store has to go by. Not all of them are run the same way simply because everyone is different. So if we could see the store manger in a you tube video promoting that store it would help us see how that store is run by his personality and values.

Now walmart is not the best example for me to come up with. A mom & pop type store would be more ideal. And to be honest with you I would rather shop and give my money to a family owned store then a hugh company like walmart that has more money then they know what to do with. And from what I have heard treat there employies really bad.

Anyway moving on enough about walmart! If you are not using you tube to help your business start and I'm going to show you how to do it step by step. Click on the link below and watch the video and become a you tube rock star.

Kids are getting their own TV shows by using you tube so start using it. Even if you don't have a business start using it. It is a great way to show the world who you are and what you believe in. Share moments from your family events things of that nature. You never know if the right person sees it you could get your own show! Check out the video you will enjoy it.

Thank You!

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Make money on linkedin

Are you using LinkedIn for your business? If not you really need to start if you don't know much about LinkedIn I will tell you how you can benefit from using it. I guess the best way to start out explaining is to compare it to facebook. With facebook you pretty much have anybody on it. And all that's on facebook now is people trying to sell something. The groups have gotten out of control.

LinkedIn is all business professionals so you can actually carry on a discussions with the people you meet. As well if you are trying to sell or promote something you can read there bio and find out so much. So your able to target your audience better.

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