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How to Leverage Your Experience as a Parent

Updated on April 24, 2012

Hub About Your Parenting Expertise!

Nobody ever said parenting was easy, but nobody said that you couldn't benefit from the challenges of parenting, either!

On HubPages, you can leverage your experiences as a parent by sharing what you have learned and making a profit from it.

Think of it this way: as a parent, you are constantly addressed with new questions: How do I know when to start potty training? How do I choose the right school for my child? What vaccines should my child have before age five? How can I get my three-year-old to eat? What can I do to help my teenage daughter prepare for college?

With each new question, you are prompted to do some research. As they go along, parents become experts on a vast myriad of subjects - from health to home keeping to education, personal finance, and travel.

Why not take notes each time you learn about something new, and publish your findings on HubPages? Here are two major tips on converting your parental expertise into Hubs (and then into cash!):

Publish your Notes

Parents do an amazing amount of research when raising children, and a lot of note-taking (be it mental, on napkins, in notebooks, or somewhere else entirely) takes place. Why not put all those notes in one central, convenient location? The benefit of posting your notes in Hubs is that you'll know exactly where to look for them for personal reference, and what's more, you'll be able to easily share your findings with other parents you know ("Oh, your kid has asthma, too? I did a lot of research on treatment, I'll send you a link to my notes"). While all this takes place, casual searchers online will also be benefitting from your research!

Document Product Research

As a parent, chances are that you do a lot of comparison shopping and product research ("What baby stroller do I buy? What are the best birthday gifts for ten-year-old boys?"). Why not take notes products when you compare them and then publish your comparison shopping research in Hubs (e.g. Best Baby Strollers for Jogging Parents and Best Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys)? You're doing the research anyway, and with some Amazon Capsules in your comparison shopping Hub for the different products you are researching, you can make some decent money!

Discuss Parenting Styles

There are many different ways to raise children and different styles of discipline, education, and socialization work for different families. What styles work for you? Consider discussing these in Hubs - a lot of parents such as your self spend a lot of time considering different parenting styles and may find your thoughts and reflections to be a helpful resource.

Share Milestones and Experiences

Parents encounter countless milestones as they raise children; why not share them? Here is an example: say you have a child that did not walk until she was 14 months old? Write a Hub about it - what your concerns were, what your pediatrician told you about it, and how things worked out in the end. You're not going to be the only parent who had this experience, and other parents going through similar situations are likely to search about these scenarios online, so your shared experience can prove to help them a great deal.

. . .

As you can see, there are lots of valuable Hubs you can write on HubPages just by sharing your day-to-day experience as a parent. I hope this guide has given you some new Hubbing ideas!

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