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Love Letters on Scented Stationery: Where have they gone?

Updated on February 1, 2010
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Thanks to this source of Beethoven's photo: See Beethoven's love letter here:
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Thanks to this source of Beethoven's photo: See Beethoven's love letter here:

If you belong to Generation X , scented stationeries still sound familiar. Surely, you must have seen your moms’ and aunts’ love letters on stationeries for often these letters are kept like sacred relics on finely crafted wooden boxes. Perhaps, you even wrote your letters on those perfumed linen paper and sent them as special registered mail (read: snail mail).

Fast forward to Generation Y. Ask them about scented stationeries sold at bookstores and they look at you like you’re an alien from Pluto. A fifty-year distance is distant to teenagers of today. Love whispers are sent through text messages, video clips and virtual stationeries. The shelf on the bookstores for stationeries have been replaced with other items. What happened to the art of letter writing?

The impressive penmanship referred to by grade school teachers as zaner-bloser writing style is now replaced by the garbled language of text messaging which make students forget the value of correct spelling. On the other hand, the e-mail facility has recaptured the different designs of the linen paper except the scent that transports the letter writer to the romance and magic of love letters. This is not to say that the conditions under which Generation Y lives have lost the beauty of the art of letter writing forever. Letter writing has taken the route of the internet. Animated smileys are an added feature to e-mails and photo editor programs, like or photoshop, are efficient letter writers' companions.


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    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 6 years ago from Philippines

      It's good to know that you like this hub, Sun-Girl.

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Useful and interesting hub which is well shared.

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 7 years ago from Philippines

      If only these youngsters rummage in their oldies' closets, they'll find the letters in stationaties, romantically presented. I don't know why they prefer the jejemon generation(texts not intelligible to olds these days). Don't the teachers teach them correct spelling, much less good letter-writing anymore in school?