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Make Extra Money from your Blog, Twitter, and Facebook Accounts with Hubpages

Updated on March 24, 2012

The Hubpages Traffic Referral Program

The Hubpages traffic referral program can generate extra money if you understand how to use it. You can refer traffic from your blog, Twitter, Facebook Account, and more! Whether you are a long time Hubber or just learning about Hubpages for the first time, this guide will get you started.

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a vibrant community of online writers from throughout the world. Hubpages makes it easy to publish short articles, called hubs. The author gets 60% of the ad impressions their hubs generate and the resulting money from these impressions. This is a generous share for the industry.

You can earn money on Hubpages without writing a hub.

Hubpages traffic referral program encourages members to send traffic to its site. You'll receive 9 to 12 percent of the ad impressions from traffic that visit Hubpages through a link containing your reference tracker.

Getting Started

Sign up for Hubpages its free to join.

Setup your profile and add a picture.

Follow a couple topics that interest you. You can follow hubbers you like too.

Start browsing hubs until you find one you want to link to.

Now that you've got the hang of Hubpages, why not try publishing your own hub. It's so easy and fun. You'll earn even more money. Hubpages is a great place to promote your blog or website too!


Always double check that your referral tracker is included. The share button for Facebook and Twitter doesn't automatically add it. Use the link to this button and cut and paste the link into the desired application.

Create your own tracker. Your generic one is a bunch of random letters. Pick one you'll remember. You can have multiple trackers too if you're into stats.

Don't be spamy. Use only for good value added contributions to the online community.

How to Successfully use the Referral Program


After I find a hub I like related to my blog, I link to the hub in the first sentence of my blog post. I summarize the main point of the hub in a sentence or two.and finish the post by writing about my thoughts on the topic.

We all know that a successful blog takes time to establish. It's easier to write about an article than come up with a blog topic from scratch. Plus you make money referring traffic to Hubpages.


Do you a lot of Twitter followers? Tweet some hubs you like. I've had a lot of success getting traffic from tweets. Don't forget to add some # signs. Follow me @sls450. I tweet about writing on online and social media marketing.

Facebook and More

Get creative. Share links on Facebook, Squidoo, forum signatures and more!

Recommended Reading

These two books are great resources on making money with Twitter and Hubpages. If you want to get these books for free you can learn how in this hub - How to get ANY Amazon Kindle book without spending any money.


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    Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

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