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How to Make Money Writing Science and Education Hubs

Updated on March 29, 2012

Hubpages is one of the best revenue-sharing sites on the internet. I write for Hubpages, Squidoo, and Infobarrel; Hubpages is the site that pays out the largest amounts of money and the site that pays out most consistently. I've seen traffic levels rise drastically after Hubpages gave each author their own sub-domain, rising almost to pre-Panda levels. My hubs now provide a steady supplementary passive income.

What Topics are Best to Write about on Hubpages?

The joy of writing for Hubpages is that you can write about whatever you want. However, some niches do make more money than others. When I first started writing science hubs, I thought I had made a mistake in my choice of topic, as a lot of the advice I was reading suggested that I should be writing hubs specifically designed to sell products or encourage Adsense clicks. However, I found out that writing about my passion (science) could work for me.

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A Field Guide for Science Writers
A Field Guide for Science Writers

A practical guide to engaging science writing.


How to Make Money from Science or Education Hubs on Hubpages

If you're going to write hubs that seek to educate the reader, rather than sell them a product, the Hubpages Ad Program is your friend. Make sure you're signed up for it.

Educational hubs have a much lower rate of users clicking on ads than hubs about products or services. The good news is that the Hubpages Ad Program, unlike other ad programs such as Google Adsense, pays you every time someone views your page, regardless of whether they click on anything. Every visitor makes you a small amount of money, therefore the trick to making money with educational hubs is to get high traffic.

How to get Traffic to your Science and Education Hubs

The best way to get traffic to your hubs is through search engines such as Google. Science, math, and other academic topics are especially suited to generating search traffic, for two reasons:

1. Google is the first port of call for students and the general public looking to learn more about a scientific concept, or to get help with their homework.

2. There is relatively little competition in these areas. Unlike commercial topics, where companies fight (and often pay) to get their sites to the top of Google's search results, there are relatively few writers creating content about science and math, particularly when it comes to advanced science and math.

How to Get Search Traffic

Before creating a hub, it pays to use Google's keyword tool to do some keyword research. You want to find a keyword that there is little competition for, and use it several times in your hub. It doesn't matter if the number of people searching for your keyword is relatively low; getting your hub on the front page of Google for a low-traffic keyword is better than being on page 10 for a high-traffic keyword, because very few people make it past the first page of search results.

Science and education hubs provide some great opportunities for getting your content onto page 1 of Google. The best way is to write an introduction to a specialized topic which has a low-competition keyword. For example, my hubs Noether's Theorem and Feynman Diagrams: An Introduction rank on the first page of Google for the keywords "Noether's theorem" and "Feynman Diagrams". These are both topics that physics students will meet in their degree and probably need more information about.

Referral Links to Get Traffic

The other good way to promote science and education hubs is to take them to the people asking the questions. To do this, search Yahoo Answers for questions related to your hubs, answer the question briefly and add a link to your hub as the source. Yahoo Answers ranks highly in searches so your links will redirect many searchers to your hubs.


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    • aa lite profile image

      aa lite 5 years ago from London

      I was pleased to read this hub. I have also been thinking about writing science hubs, about genetics and molecular biology subjects, but have been worried about whether they would make any money. You are right that although the conversion rate is probably very low for these hubs, as long as they can attract traffic they could earn through impression and the Ad program!