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Making Money From Your Hubs. A Recent Tip I Received That Was So Obvious I Overlooked It. Maybe You Have Too.

Updated on August 4, 2011

Hub Pages Feels Wrong For Internet Marketing But You Can Still Make Money

When I began writing on Hub Pages around 4 months ago, I thought it would help me to advance my Internet Marketing business. What I found was a great community of people who are more like a big family than anything else. You see more people writing about recipes or problems with their kids than people trying to sell stuff. It's really kind of odd but for some reason it works. And that is not to say that people don't use Hub pages to market, you just see less of those people than the average person talking about door hardware or music they like or something like that.

So when I bring up a topic like "making money from your Hubs", it almost feels wrong. As much as I don't want to taint the family feeling here on Hub Pages, I feel responsible to share something I recently learned about writing articles. When you hear what it is you will probably say the same thing I did, "that is so obvious, how could I have missed it?" But for some reason, Hub after Hub, I failed to do this one thing that could have made me some extra cash without really trying. I don't want any of you to do the same thing so that is why it is important for me to tell you.


Sometimes The Obvious Isn't So Obvious

I am writing this Hub the day after finding out that my Hubs have been viewed 10,000 times. And I don't tell you that to brag but to illustrate how stupid I have been to this point in my writing on Hub Pages. You see, I have had this opportunity in front of me to be able to make some extra money right here on Hub Pages but because of my lack of knowledge or focus I have completely missed out. I'll get back to exactly what it was that I missed in a second, right now I want to give you a bit of background on how I came upon this information.

I belong to an Internet Marketing membership website called The Wealthy Affiliates University. It is a place where people like me can go to learn different aspects of Internet Marketing in the kind of detail you won't find anyplace else. A few days ago I was in the forum area where members can basically talk to each other about different topics and share their experiences with each other. To make a very long story short, a few of the more experienced members and I were discussing article marketing and I brought up the fact that I wrote an article that was approaching 9000 views in about three months. They were all very impressed and proceeded to ask if I was able to cash in on my success. In a forum like this where you are there to learn how to make money, you really don't want to admit that you were just writing for fun but that's what I was doing so that's what I told them.  As soon as I hit the send button I realized what I had done.  I had just admitted to everyone that I was a stupid Internet Marketer who's only reason for not being successful is not focusing on doing things to make money on the Internet.

They all came back with very kind remarks about how impressed they were that I could get that many visitors in such a short amount of time and how I should have found a way to capitalize on that.  "But how?", I asked.  Some gave answers like writing for other sites that pay you and others talked about other things that really didn't apply to me, but one very nice lady named Deb wrote a very long reply that made me stop in my tracks and think long and hard about the way I approach my writing.  This thing she told me was so obvious that I felt stupid for not thinking of it myself.  Maybe it was too obvious.  But as I look at many of the Hubbers that I follow on a daily basis I see that many of them do exactly what I do and that is to write for fun.  Stop and think for a second. Wouldn't it be nice to make a few extra dollars from something you wrote?  Well I think it would be so I'm finally going to tell you what she said to me.  You can decide if it makes sense for you to try on a few of your future Hubs.  Are you ready?  Okay, here goes!

What Deb told me was to first find a niche where there are lots of people looking for a solution to a problem.  Do some research and find out what keywords they are using to search for the solution.  Even more, you want to find keywords that are very specific and make them the center of the article you are writing about.  Try not to use what are called "research keywords" as people who use them in search engines are typically not looking for something to buy but for free information.  Examples of research keywords would be "how to get rid of acne" or "how to stop snoring" or even "how to get rid of skin tags.  You want your keywords to be more targeted like "buy Acnezine to get rid of Acne" or something like that.  In other words, Use specific products or solve specific problems like what causes a certain type of acne and how to cure that type.  This will lead people from all over the Internet to your Hub to see what information you can offer and if you have a product that will cure or solve it. That is how you can make money.

Keyword Research Is Not Only For Internet Marketers. All Of You Serious Writers Should Be Doing It Too.

I know I am only seeing a small amount of the actual Hubs that are being published here on Hub Pages so it is possible that I am completely full of crap. But based on the majority of what I have experienced here, I feel I have a responsiblity to everyone to say what I think is the truth.  And I don't want any of you to think that I am only addressing the Internet Marketers on Hub Pages. This keyword research applies to anyone writing Hubs or any kind or articles. The more focused you are, the more people will be looking to read what you have to say. Isn't that why you write? To have people read it? I know how I felt yesterday when my stats hit 10,000. I felt like the king of the Hub Pages if only for a second. The reality is that everyone needs money and time is valuable. Why not make a few extra dollars while you are having fun writing informative Hubs?

I'm No Coach But I Know A Few Really Good Ones

I would love to tell you that I can teach you how to make money online and I suppose I could share a thing or two that would help. But that's just not what I do. I wrote this Hub to help you, the reader, realize that writing on the Internet takes a bit of thought if you want people to read your stuff.

I had originally posted a few links at this point to a couple of really good websites that teach you more than basic skills on making money through a wide variety of methods. I am no longer allowed to show those links due to restrictions on Hub Pages so please just contact me through the author page and I will direct you where to go.


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    • Jim Batuyong profile imageAUTHOR

      Jim Batuyong 

      9 years ago from Anaheim, CA

      Thank you all for your comments. It's been a while since I've written a Hub so I forgot how nice it is to interact with all of you.I would like to address a few of the comments though.


      VioletSun-I don't want you to waste your time with Wealthy Affiliate University if you are not interested in pursuing an Internet marketing business.  They are truly a great bunch of people and the resources they make available are unmatched by any other program that I have seen. But it's all geared towards teaching you how to market on the internet. So if you're not into that, don't waste too much time with that one. I must say though, they have an amazing section on article marketing. I learned a lot there. Anyway, I'll let you decide if it's worth it. Thanks.

      PPC Webspy on the other hand is something I think everyone on Hub Pages should have if they want to make money with their Hubs. Well, any kind of keyword spy tool actually. Thank you for taking the time this morning.


      Amanda-I'm sure your nephew will also tell you that the BEST topics to make money with are the things you are interested in.  Because of your interest, you know them better than many others so you can give insight that others can't. The difficult part sometimes is figuring out how to turn it into something you can make money with. But there are always ways to make money.

    • ontheway profile image


      9 years ago

      Making Money From Your Hubs With Overlooked Stategies

      well written, I come on , welcome to my hub

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 

      9 years ago from UK

      Hi Jim,

      My nephew is a successful internet marketer, and makes good money at it. He has given me precisely the advice you outline above on several occassions plus more besides. Trouble is that I write about the things that interest me and they seldom have any marketing value. Perhaps I'll try and be more focussed one of these days! Thanks for the hub, and it is good advice!

    • VioletSun profile image


      9 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Thanks for sharing this! Will target my articles in my new website with keywords. Will read this hub again later today, and check the links out.

      Great hub!

    • Gin Delloway profile image

      Gin Delloway 

      9 years ago

      great hub!Really a solution is so easy... this woman is right... so make research and receive money! you really deserve it! Good luck!


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