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Making Money Writing Your Hubs

Updated on September 18, 2009

I'm sure there are a lot of hubs out there on how to make money by using hub pages but I figured I'd share my expiriance with hub pages so far. I've been a member for two months and so far I've posted 16 hubs (this will be 17). From those 16 hubs I've made $9.86 through google adsense with the most I've made in one day being $6.00 which was on September 17th 2009. Now I have a lot of intrest and I'm geared more towards writing about things that intrest me rather than things that I believe I can make money off of. If your here soley for the money then you might as well just pick out popular topics and write about those.

My primere hub so to speak is the one I wrote on Kimbo Slice and The Ultimate Fighter 10. I'm guessing it has to do with the popularity of UFC and more so the allure of Kimbo Slice as to why it has been my most successful hub. That hub alone has registered 12,100 views. My next highest hub is a hub I actually liked better but it wasn't even close, NFL Madden 2010 Wii Review, that hub has a mere 941 views. Its not about what you like so much as its about what everyone else likes and what is popular, so the first thing you should do is decide if your here at hub pages because of the money, or because you love to express yourself and might as well make a little cash off of your passion.

Either way I will say that you can greatly impact your views by simply using keywords and Google Adwords. Google adwords helps you see how much people would pay to put ads on a page containing certain key words and helps you estimate how much you'll get if someone clicks the ad on your hub. Essentially it works like this, you'd probably make more off somebodly clicking an add on a hub titled "The History Of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt" than you would one simply titled "The History Of No Doubt". Its amazing how adding an extra word or dropping a name or two can impact your hubs.

Needless to say there is money to be made from writing hubs but its all about generating content and generating content people want view. I honestly think the easiest way to make money from hub pages would be for somebody who already has a pretty good following on youtube to get accepted into youtubes affiliate program that way they make money for people viewing their videos. Then sign up for hub pages writing hubs that feature their videos, that way they are getting credit for the reads as well as the video views.

Its really not a scam, if done right I can honestly see someone being able to make a pretty decent living by simply writing hubs if they have the time to devote to doing nothing but writing hubs. For me however this will simply remain a hobby where I can voice my opinion and have it heard all while making a few dollars. All and all joining hub pages is probably one of the best things I have done internet wise because this is a great site to write for and be apart of. The best part about it is that the hubbers are all useually very nice and happy to help, so if you'd like to learn more about making money from your hubs don't hesitate to search the site or browse the queastions and answers section.


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    • sibaja_software profile image

      sibaja_software 7 years ago from Italy

      Great hub, sage advice, your right it's what Internet community is interested, more than your own passions that determine the popularity of a hub. Lately I have been working on several web hosting and web design hubs (My passion) we'll see how they do.