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Making Money online is Possible

Updated on November 16, 2011

Help me learn to learn from my mistakes

Don't be fooled by the prospect of free money

I don’t know how anybody does this? It’s like everything I try only ends up with pennies or a couple of dollars a month in my account. This is the type of thing that I hear all the time when it comes to making serious money online.

OK, so it’s not easy for a beginner to earn extra income. It takes effort and time to build up the knowledge to really earn income. The biggest mistake that most people make is thinking “if I just buy that program, I can become rich”, it doesn’t work that way. As they say,” if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”, there is no plug and pay system that actually works without effort. IF THERE IS, please tell me about it, I will happy to test it and report back on it.

To make money online, you need several things. 1. A product to promote 2. A product to promote, and last but not least 3. A product to promote.

The products come in various forms, either article you have written, such as this one. Or, a web page that offer affiliate marketing or some other form of revenue type product.

Then you have to get people to your site. This is the tricky part, especially if you are trying to do it for free. There are places that offer to build your traffic, but they cost money. There are places like Google adwords, where again you pay for traffic. Or, you can send out emails, they are free to send, but, if you are sending them to your friends, they are probably going to trash them.

So, how do you make money online for free? I’m not exactly sure. I have yet to figure this part out, other than scamming people out of money like most internet systems; I just continue to write articles.

I have managed to make a little extra, but nothing like what I’ve heard others are doing. They claim to have inside information from internet gurus like Mike Filsaime, Adam Spiel or training from people like Tony Robbins or some other celebrity. In most every case, it’s just a bunch of hype designed to get you to buy their product. In fact, they probably meet Tony Robbins and the other cast of characters after they made their money.

Then there are surveys. Ok, they say you can earn money or points for every survey you take. Here is the problem I have found with most of these. You spend five to fifteen minutes to fill out a preliminary form, then that you say that you don’t qualify for that particular survey. They offer you another to try, and low and behold the same thing happens. I have tried several different ones and most so far seem like just internet marketing scams, instead of surveys. The ones I have tried are, Opinion Outpost, Lightspeed panel and Valued Opinions . The other thing about a lot of these surveys, is, you can spend fifteen to twenty minutes filling out a survey that they email to you, then when you hit the summit button they say that they have enough participants already. It seems like they would tell you that when you log in, before you waste your time. If you want to try these go ahead, if you have better success with them, please drop me a note on how you did, and how you did it!

This is my answer.

I will continue to research more and more ways to make money online. This is the only way to make any money for free that I have found. Write for publishers such as Hubpages and other online companies. They are virtually hundreds out there and the more you write for the more income you can make. This is work, consider it a part time job at first and will become more and more profitable over time. I know that it ain't the get rich overnight scheme that others promote, but I do make money at it.


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