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Making Money Online with Herbal Blogs

Updated on October 28, 2010

Age of Wellness

A lot of marketing experts say we're in the age of wellness. The wellness industry is the next big thing in online marketing, if it isn't already, they say. But can blogs on herbs and herbals also make it big?

Most people talk about herbal products when they talk about wellness. But by "herbal products" they often mean powdered or ready-to-drink processed herbal products in bottled or capsule form. They very seldom mean real planted herbs.

The same with what's termed as "herbals." Herbal products, mostly produced by nano technology, claim to have all-natural ingredients. But being all processed, how can their all-natural claim hold?

People like taking food (and that includes food supplements) in ready-to-take forms. Thus, the fast-food popularity. Experts should be saying more that this is the age of ready-to-take ingestibles. If you realize this, you'd wonder more how processed herbals today can still claim all-natural ingredients?

Thus, Herba Linch would like to remind health buffs and folks crazy about all-natural ingredients to try real planted herbs--herbal stuff they pick fresh from plants. This is, of course, aside from featuring some processed herbal products, and other natural food some people see as herbals (especially people here from deep Asia).

But, can you really make money online with herbal blogs?

Herbal Blogs

Well, once people really appreciate the goodness of real fresh herbs used for food dishes (or used as food dishes), making money online with herbal blogs will really take off. And the wellness industry will be a genuine thing--not just another hyped up craze on processed "all-natural" herbal products targeting baby-boomers. (I really pity these so-called baby-boomers---wherever and whoever they may be. They are always treated nothing more than markets for products).

Herbal blogs should feature about going back to the basics--really going for herbs and plants and roots and leaves and fruits, aside from modern, ready-made herbal products. I think we should all start planting again, no matter if your place is all concrete. Herbal buffs have found new ways of bringing plant life back to our concrete jungles. I think true herbal blogs should be batting for this, too.

If this dream is realized (herbalizing the concrete jungle) then making money online with herbal blogs will boom. But for now, the mission is largely convincing people of the need to herbalize--with a little selling of herbals and herbal products here and there. People need to personally experience what it's like to pick fruits or harvest veggies themselves, from their own backyard or kitchen gardens. We need to see real herbs sprouting in our own homes, and care for them. And herbal blogs can help a lot here.

Thus, herbal blogs are not only for a hobby or making money online; they're also a serious crusade for all-natural good health and a healthy ecology. It's a worthy cause, really.

Don't Go For Processed Herbal Products Alone

Processed herbal products are good, but picking fresh herbs and eating them is something else altogether. There was something in it that made Adam and Eve and their offspring live to be almost a thousand years. When God limited people's meals to herbs and plants and fruits, they lived for hundreds of years. The oldest of them lived for more than 950 years. They were still strong in old age. But when God decided to limit their years to 120, He allowed them to eat meat.

Eating fresh herbs and veggies and fruits straight from their plants or trees was powerful. What I see as the key here is the processing. If we eat food processed by nature alone (like photosynthesis), we get all the powerful health benefits. If we eat them man-made processed, we reduce their potency. Thus, we should not be content at being able to take processed herbal products. We should more often be able to eat them fresh and organic. And this means we maintain our own kitchen garden at home.

About eating meat? Well, it's there in the bible--God allowed meat dishes when He reduced life span to 120 years. You may eat meat all you like, but I advice that you also take a hint from that bible fact. If you really so love meat, then balance it with eating fresh herbs and veggies and fruits, better if you get them from your own backyard garden.

So, we first convince people of the need to try real and fresh herbs more often. Then we start making money online with herbal blogs big-time.


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    • profile image

      Monpreede 4 years ago

      My partner and i employed to receive at the top of life but these days We've established any weight.

    • profile image

      Kosmetik 5 years ago

      Great article !

      im interested in the herbal products. i just started herbal and would like it to get discounted products. Can you prefer me some shops ?

      Thank you.

      "" Kosmetikstudio

    • Herba Linch profile image

      CS 7 years ago from Deep Asia

      Thanks Linda! Happy herbal blogging!

    • LindaJM profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 7 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      Good luck with your herbal blogging! I actually do have a blog where I write about herbs - as well as other things like contemporary food issues. I haven't made a lot of money with the blog, but I've made some. Mostly I feel good about telling people my thoughts on our food situation, and yes, I do recommend home grown herbs and have a herb garden of my own.