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Make More Money with Your Seasonal Hubs, Blogs or Articles

Updated on March 31, 2016

Choosing What to Make Your Hub, Niche Blog or Article About

If you want to make money from selling products on your Hubs, Niche Blogs or Article need to choose a niche or type of product to sell.

Researching Your Niche

Don't let the word Research scare you.

It is simply a way of making sure that you are selling things that people want to buy.

A simple way of finding a topic for writing an article, blog post or hub in a niche that will be popular is to go seasonal.

Think 2 or even 3 months ahead – what are people going to be thinking about wanting to buy in 6-8 weeks time.

Four Seasons of Niche Topics


A Year Full of Niches

For example:

  • January is a good time to be making hubs, blogs or writing articles on Travel & Vacations – almost as soon as Christmas is done and the New Year starts many people start planning and booking their Summer Vacations. This is also a good time of year for Make Money products.
  • February is a good time for making hubs about Easter which usually falls late March or early April. Spring is also the time when many people think about making over their homes so February is a good time for making DIY & Home Decorating lenses.
  • March is the time to make your Summer blogs. Gardens & Gardening and Outdoor Sports & Activities are good subjects for March.
  • April is a good time to write about Summer Clothes and Outdoor Living.
  • May is all about late Summer. Think Cooking; Making Beer & Wine; Homemaking.
  • June is a good time for Fitness and Health & Beauty hubs – although this can be a profitable subject at any time of year.

Making Amazon Affiliate Product Sales on Hubpages

Christmas Can be the most Profitable Time of the Year!


July to December Niches

  • July is time to be thinking about the weather turning colder and is a good time to make pages on Winter Vacations and Cold Weather Sports & Activities.
  • August – there is lots to do this month with articles about Halloween and also the first Christmas blogs about Crafts for Christmas and Toys & Games. Late August is also the time for anything to do with Thanksgiving.
  • September is full of opportunities to make hubs on Christmas Presents, Decorations & Food. September is also the best time to write about Winter Clothing and is a great time of year for Make Money products.
  • October is a quieter month; a bit too late for Christmas hubs (although you can still squeeze in an extra few in the early part of the month.) So a niche for the month which is always popular could be Weddings.
  • November after Weddings what could come next but Babies!
  • December – the year has come full circle and December is a great time to make hubpages about Valentines Day Gifts think of all the proposals that happen at that time of year and of all the Diamond Engagement Rings that will be purchased!

Writing Amazon Product Reviews

Prepare for the Holidays

Make sure you take advantage of the Christmas buying frenzy by having plenty of hubs, blog posts and articles reviewing gifts and products for this time of year.

You really can't start to early preparing for Christmas sales and writing reviews of Christmas products to include in your seasonal hubs should be a priority starting as early as July or August.

Good Luck and may the Season be Profitable for You!

An Alternative Take on Affiliate Marketing

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  • talfonso profile image

    talfonso 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

    I recently created a Hub on Seasonal Hubs and linked it to yours! I love your ideas here!

  • pakpub profile image

    pakpub 8 years ago from Ohio

    Great ideas. You have to be ahead of the game to make money.

  • profile image

    Ray Burow 8 years ago


    Great info. Seems I started on Hubpages a week or so after you did. This info is really good for me. Thanks