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Making money with hubpages and google adsense

Updated on March 3, 2011

How much money can you make on hubpages with google AdSense? How much money does one hub make with google AdSense? Can you make a decent amount of money writing with hubpages or would you be better off concentrating on something else?

Since joining hubpages last year the questions above have dominated my thinking. I'm not trying to kid anyone, I do derive plenty of pleasure from the process of writing, but in reality im here for the money. Yes publishing my thoughts on something and seeing them read gives me a buzz, but the real pleasure comes from seeing my articles paying the bills. If this strikes a chord with you then its worth you reading on to find out what Ive discovered about making money from hubpages using google AdSense.

New to hubpages?

If you arent familiar with hubpages, then I thoroughly reccomend that you sign up and give it a go. Just by publishing a few articles on a rainy weekend you may build a residual income that coves one of your household bills.

Join hubpages now!

Quality really matters if you want to make money online

Where do you get your hub inspiration from? If you are here to make money, then you'll feel the pressure to become a hub machine. When you are under pressure to write it is easy to get writers block , the quality of your hubs diminish and your growth in AdSense earnings dries up just as you were starting to get somewhere.

It can be all too tempting with the time you spend on hubpages to decide to rewrite or indeed just blatantly copy someone else's work.Yet whats the point? Even if they have an incredibly well earning hub you will never get anywhere near half their income from it. Unless you are such a good writer you can write it better. But if you were that good, you probably wouldn't be resorting to copying in the first place would you?

When I started writing hubpages I realised I could probably write 3-5 a day. Ive got an academic background and a good typing speed so churning out a few thousand words a day is pretty easy. However the downside is that leaves no time for research and the quality is atrocious. Looking at my hubs so far, the general rule is definitely that those I felt were poor hubs when I wrote them, are performing badly. My worst hub is one that I tried to rush before going out one evening. I don't think it has ever had a view from google.

My best hub however was recently a hot hub and bought in plenty of traffic and I fully expect it to do well on google once it matures.

To keep it simple, I attribute that success down to my change in strategy. I now aim for 5 hubs a week and make sure each one has been well thought out and researched. That successful hub and the subsequent series of hubs were all based around our decision to buy a puppy;

Caring for your Border Collie puppy

As this was a topic close to our hearts, the research was a dream to do and I think this passion was reflected in the hub. Most importantly, it was a joy to write AND will bring in money long term. Best of all, this personal involvement sparked a whole series of related topics that have slowly been woven together. Still work to be done, but without doubt, they will be a lot more successful than twice as many rushed hubs.

To summarise; think about your life, the events and milestones you have coming up and will enjoy researching and subsequently writing about! New family members, milestone birthdays, holiday's etc can all yield interesting topics that can also involve decent paying keywords.

Top Tip

Make the most of your time!

Stop looking at those graphs of earnings and views every five minutes! Neither are going to change until you do something about it. Every minute wasted staring at hubviews and dreaming of financial reward could be a minute spent actually contributing to their achievement!

Have your say!

Which do you think is key to making money on hubpages with google adsense?

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Quantity really matters if you want to make money with adsense!

I just finished reading a forum thread about someone finding a CPC worth $1400! Like me your first instinct might be to forget writing lots of hubs, just write one good and hope for that magical one click a month. Easy right?

Certainly tempting, but there is not a chance on earth of you hitting that. Sorry but its true. Yes I don't doubt that there are people out there that do significantly better than most with just a handful of hubs. At time of writing I have 87 hubs written over 3 months and know that I already earn more than some people with more than double that have been here for a lot longer. On the flip side Ive read about people with far less that are earning much much more than me. Unless you are an SEO genius you are going to have to embrace the concept of quantity at some stage.

I think im fairly realistic in thinking that at best my hubs may each average $1-$2 a month. Some will certainly earn more, but as like you, I'm not an SEO expert, many will earn a lot less. So do the math yourself. You'll need to write plenty just to ensure you have enough for a beer, let alone pay the bills!

Writing such quantity can be very daunting. When I started out, just reaching ten hubs seemed impossible. With a little commitment, that target became 25, then 50 and now 100. Put the effort in, and you'll get there.

Don't forget that yes quality and quantity are important but if you focus solely on one or the other, you may not reach your financial goals. Find a line between the two that best reflect your skills and style.

Keep patience with hubpages and google adsense!

 The hardest part of making money from hubpages is the waiting. Of course this isnt helped by those constant peeks at the google AdSense page! Very rarely are you going to publish a hub that hits front page of google straight off. Nope, more realistically you are going to have to work on a little marketing of your hub and mostly have patience. Google likes aged, established web pages so after an initial blast of views you may have to wait some time to see things happen.

How long does this maturing process take? No one seems to know. Yet there definitely seems to be a point where you can expect your views to grow at a greater rate than you publish hubs. Looking at the success stories on hubpages and other established hubbers shared hub view graphs there is often a clear point where this 'exponential' growth occurred.

87 hubs and three months in, I'm still suffering a very linear growth. I publish a hub and my total views go up proportionately. At this rate id need literally thousands of hubs to change my life writing online. Don't worry it will happen. There are plenty of lesser writers than you that make a decent residual income from hubpages, that just happen to have been around for a fair bit longer.

Why should you be so confident? Why, because you mix quantity, quality and patience in equal measures!!!


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    • viveresperando profile image


      7 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      this is a great share.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nicely done, and so true (even though I hate to admit it, haha!)

    • xrocker30 profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent hub. I have been here for a little over 4 weeks and completely understand what you are saying about the quantity and quality. The longer I'm here the more I earn and I have figured it out in only a month but it is great to find other hubbers agreeing with my technique. Thanks a ton!


    • ThunderKeys profile image


      7 years ago

      This is great info. Any chance you can write a short hub on how to access a Google Adsense account that was not fully completed and doesn't have the phone number or postal-code set up to get into it? I cant access or activate my partially created account. Thank you.

    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hey sweetsusieg, thanks for your thoughts! Slowly climbing the ladder but still far too close to the groud for my liking! Bring on the vertigo!

    • Sweetsusieg profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      Yep, I agree whole heartedly! It is a combination of things that make you successful here on HubPages. Way to go! I can see you climbing the ladder now! (Please be careful not to step on me as you pass by!!) LOL


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