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Malls are not all the same

Updated on June 1, 2017

My Purchase from the Chatham Mall

My purchase from Sears at the Chatham Mall, bring on spring.
My purchase from Sears at the Chatham Mall, bring on spring.

The Ever Changing Mall

How many times a year do you go shopping at a mall? Or do you ever shop at a mall? Malls are those big shopping establishments they come in limitless amounts in the big cities that are or the one that one city does have looks like it is limitlessly huge, with a number of different stores in one building you don’t have to drive all over the place. Everything you need from clothing to shoes is in one destination. Or at least that is what a mall is supposed to offer. All malls are different, though, and how many people actually use them now, with online shopping? People want things at their fingertips and that is what online shopping offers, but what does that do to the malls which people used to frequent? There used to be limitless amounts of malls depending on what big city you were in.

I know there is one mall close to me, it is about 45 minutes away. In the city closest to me, there is actually two malls, but one I frequent more than the other. Devonshire Mall in Windsor is the mall I am going to, talk about this is the mall that I mention in my frugal shopper post. Devonshire mall is the bigger mall in Windsor as there are two malls. It has everything from clothing, books, shoes a coffee shop or two and banking. The other mall in Windsor has a lot less, I don’t think it has a bank where Devonshire has two. It also has three coffee shops, two are the same but still, the other mall in Windsor only has a coffee shop in the food court section of its, mall. The clothing selection at each mall is different as well. Some malls have more clothing stores than the other, but the type of clothing is the same which can put a damper on your shopping trip.

All malls are not the same, though, no matter what anyone says. I have been to, two different malls in the past couple of months although the towns these malls are located in are small, and that shouldn’t matter. What Malls have I went to you ask, I went to Sarnia and went to the mall there, and wow I thought that Devonshire was losing its touch, but no that mall is a palace compared to, the mall in Sarnia or even the mall in Chatham, why would that be?

You can ask many different people why and their answers would all be different like it wold is with anything. In my opinion in a mall in Chatham and the mall in Sarnia are so similar because the cities are so run down, or at least that is what they look like when you are in them. I guess it depends on how well off the city is that the mall is located in. if they city isn’t doing well, then the mall wouldn’t be, right? when you live, in Chatham, Sarnia and even Windsor where the malls are so similar and people don’t frequent them, you also are very close to the border, where the states are.

The bigger the city, the bigger and better the mall is. Isn’t that with anything, though? Everyone would probably say yes because that is how it works. Also if the city that the mall is in is being frequented it will do better. I went to all three malls, in the last couple of months and I was shocked at both, first off let’s take a look at the Lambton Mall, in Sarnia, well it’s about the same size as the mall in Windsor, but when you walk through it there are stores that are closed up. How deterring is seeing stores closed in a mall that you want to shop in, and again the mall has the exact same things as other malls you have been too, which doesn’t make your shopping experience a new one. Am I right?

Malls are not all the same

Do you think all malls are the same?

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My Mall Experience

I went to the mall in Chatham yesterday for the first time and it was just like the mall in Windsor and the Mall in Sarnia, it was a bit worse than the mall in Windsor actually, Devonshire anyway, not the other mall, Tecumseh I think it’s called, Tecumseh mall that’s it. These malls, are small compared to the ones in the bigger cities. When you go into these malls and see that stores are closed what goes through your head, well what went through my head when I went into the Chatham Mall and saw exactly the same thing as what I saw when I went to Sarnia I said to myself, this city isn’t doing as well as people would think. It is also so close to the border which to some people is faster to go to the states to go shopping rather than staying in the town that you live in. There is more selection in the states and that is what everyone wants isn’t it? People want different things when they shop because most of the time they don’t know what they are looking for, or they are looking for something unique and the states have stuff like that.

Although even Toronto’s malls are better, then Windsor, Sarnia, and Chatham but that’s because it’s a bigger city, like the states are, and that is why there are more stores there than the smaller malls. I did, however, buy a pair of shoes at the mall in Chatham yesterday, but nothing else I didn’t find anything else. I know that I would find more things in the malls in the States or Toronto, I have been two different malls in the states, over the last couple years and have found new and interesting things.

But the malls in the states, are malls where you need an entire day to see everything in them. Those are huge malls, that take hours to walk from one end to the other, rather than a mall that you can walk across and around in one hour like the Chatham, Sarnia and both malls in Windsor. How many times have you gone shopping in the states and there was a store in the mall you were at that was closed down? Probably not very many times right? You are probably thinking no when I go shopping at a mall all the stores are open, well at the mall I went to yesterday in Chatham there were stores that were closed down, and locked up, how does that look to a shopper who is looking to get some shopping done? Not very good, and that is why more and more people frequent the states malls because they know that they will find what they want.

There is also a different selection in the states, and most of the time if you ask someone they say that there is a better selection. Although they might not all think that, some will and that is what their reasoning is when they tell you about why they want to go to a specific mall. I, however, don’t frequent malls very often, and when I do I usually, have a list. Again I say check out my frugal shopping post for more info, about that. Yesterday when I went to the mall in Chatham although, it was more like the mall in Windsor and Sarnia I didn’t go to my ever growing shopping list when I did pick up a pair of shoes. It was an impulse buy, which is good sometimes in my opinion.

I guess the smaller the mall, the less likely I am to look at my shopping list and if I really want something I will just get it like I did yesterday with the pair of shoes from Sears at the Chatham Mall. Sears, however, looks as though it is going out of business but still. So not all malls are the same, and they can’t really be the same because each city is different in its own way, and I guess that would make the malls different too.

Yorkdale Mall that I have been too in Toronto Ontario
Yorkdale Mall that I have been too in Toronto Ontario

Malls are Limitless because of what they offer

Do you find malls to be limitlessly huge but have the same stuff or do they have a variety of stuff?

What do you think of my photo and do you think malls are all the same?

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