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Marketing your Business using Hubpages

Updated on August 18, 2009

Hubpages are articles

Using Hubpages as a means of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a way of marketing yourself as an authority online. When you are promoting your business products using internet based marketing techniques such as hubpages, you are able to redirect traffic online to your business website where you then make sales. Always remember to try and use an information capture sheet on your website to enable you to record the details of the visitors to your website. This is extremely valuable to add to your mailing list so that you are able to introduce secondary products to your visitors at a later date. Just keep building your list of prospective clients.

Try some of these ideas to start with.

1. What is your business about ?

This is one of the most easiest things to write about because it is highlighting your core products and the business that you offer people. What can you do for them? Remember your aim is to add value and content.

2. What do you feel strongly about?

People like to read articles of interest from like minded people. There are many forums and discussion groups out there that rely on regular support to expand and maintain their reader base. It is often found that these discussions lead to business support and backlinks are created to and from each others websites. Remember its all about traffic to your website.

3. What are you passionate about?

It is always wise to choose a product that relates to your passion easily. This will enable you to speak passionately in your articles and discussion groups from the heart. It will also enable you to link with other websites that interest you.

There are many reasons for which you should create articles as a direct marketing technique, but the most common is probably for a boost in site traffic. You may not yet realise how much good this type of direct marketing can do, but if you focus on a couple of hours a day and get some great articles going, then you are well on your way to creating a great traffic driving machine, just from articles.

Remember that if you are already writing them for discussion groups, you may as well not duplicate the work, but save them to a section of your website called “other topics of interest” or the likes.

You may also want to add your websites’ hyperlink to the bottom of each article and submit them to e-zines websites for other website owners to use them as content. This will create valuable links back to your website giving you excellent search engine optimization by moving your pages up in rank to the first few pages for keyword searches by online users.

4. When writing your article it is sufficient to include your keywords in your article title in order to promote the ranking of your article in the search engines. It would be a good idea to include your keyword choices in about 2% of the total text of the article. The idea is not to spam the search engine with multiple keywords, but merely show validity of your article and the search engines will do the rest to promote your article to those searching for your keywords. Try and include the page reference of your article in your website or your blog. You can use a hyperlink to your article as a signature at the bottom of the article. This is a form of directing traffic to the rest of your website or products or blog.

5. Remember that if you are writing an article and it has the potential to send you qualified traffic, then why not copy and paste it to as many locations as possible in order to create suitable backlink traffic. Thus send it to the following as a regular course of your article writing.

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