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Me and HubPages

Updated on May 28, 2013

1000 Page Views

When I started writing on here, this Milestone didn't even come to mind, I just wrote an article and went away for a few months.

Now that I have come back and I have settled myself down and completed a few articles it was a nice surprise to receive an email congratulating me on reaching the target. I have written just over 20 articles so far and will have some more available soon (need to finish animating first).

I now need to improve the quality of the articles that I write and make them a better read.

The 1st Article

Blu-Ray or DVD was the subject of the 1st article that I wrote. It was the debate over the version of films that are been up scaled to Blu-Ray and the then question of is the purchase worth it for a lesser version of the film.

I know, try and stay with me. It was just something that I found that annoyed me. But I purchased a movie on Blu-Ray only to discover that it wasn't the director's cut that had been out on DVD for years, and so better quality picture, but lesser quality film.


Sumo Films

I then went on an article writing frenzy and introduced you to Sumo Films by explaining the story of how I started doodling in the 1st place.

I also explained the stories behind a number of my characters and introduced a number of the animations from my channel.

Xbox 360

After a year off from sitting at the computer to sit in front if the TV and play games (I know) I decided to start sharing my other passion.

It started with an article after a graphically enhanced summer in which I just sat back (when not at work) and played games. Hammy's production was put back a year not because of cost, but because I was playing Gears of War 3 :)

I was kicking back and relaxing and enjoying myself (the perils of self-employment).

What next?

I have a few articles that I am in the process of writing and I am also aiming to reach a milestone of 2500 Xbox Achievements before the Xbox One is released (I only need 48, I had a productive weekend).


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