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Mini-Article Writing

Updated on August 21, 2009

Start Right Here

If you have been promoting online for any time, you have no doubt read the guru's all telling us to write articles to get traffic to any website. In fact one popular strategy called Bum Marketing suggests 400 articles a month and there are products you can purchase to write the articles for you. If you can't write and want the lazy way out, you can get online and find people to ghostwrite them for a small price.

That's great if you want to spend all that time or money before you ever know how rich you are going to get from following that advice. I can guarantee you will make a small fortune doing this, but only if you start out with a large fortune to bankroll your efforts.

So instead of attacking that mountain, why not start with a molehill by writing short easy articles right here on Hub Pages? If you pick a term that doesn't have much competition, you can do very well. Then find a few other blog content websites that allow you to post entries and point them back to your Hub Page. Before you think that's too simple to work, do a Google search for 'oldbuddy' and see if I'm listed.

Why would I want to be listed for that term? Simple, I use it as a user name on websites that do not allow you to display contact information and I want people on there to be able to find me for obvious reasons. My strategies have allowed me to earn over $6,000 a month at the time of this writing and it's still growing.

Oldbuddy Making Money in His Sleep

This is Penny and I catching a nap while my Internet Income keeps right on coming.
This is Penny and I catching a nap while my Internet Income keeps right on coming.


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    • profile image

      LOVEgoesMLM 8 years ago

      Live Long and Prosper;)

    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 8 years ago from florida

      Hummm...interesting, thank you.