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Mining AOL Gold: Keywords That Increase AdClicks 210% & CPMs 312% - Part III

Updated on March 21, 2009

It is easier to grasp the keywords you may want to incorporate into your Hubs by the category that you prefer to write in, thus I've now broken down many of the keywords in that huge AOL database into subject categories. First I list the top 50 keywords in that category and the number of times that each keyword (phrase) was searched for as in this case for the category of:


  1. hobby lobby 678
  2. tattoos 245
  3. deviant art 171
  4. hobbylobby 114
  5. tattoo 87
  6. 84
  7. deviantart 82
  8. 55
  9. crafts 43
  10. celebrity tattoos 40
  11. tattoo designs 38
  12. silk flowers 29
  13. easter crafts 27
  14. askart 26
  15. tribal tattoos 24
  16. tattoo johnny 23
  17. artists 20
  18. tatoo designs 20
  19. 20
  20. 17
  21. wedding supplies 16
  22. tattoo ideas 16
  23. butterfly tattoos 15
  24. sewing patterns 15
  25. wedding decorations 14
  26. foot tattoos 14
  27. floating candles 14
  28. star tattoos 14
  29. hobby 14
  30. name tattoos 13
  31. deviant 12
  32. shamrock tattoos 11
  33. sexy tattoos 11
  34. free tattoo designs 11
  35. tattoojohnny 11
  36. vases 11
  37. hobby lobby coupon 11
  38. kitchen backsplash 11
  39. ask art 11
  40. free plastic canvas patterns 11
  41. quilting 11
  42. free quilt patterns 10
  43. corsage 10
  44. candle holders 10
  45. bathroom designs 10
  46. tinkerbell tattoos 10
  47. rubber stamps 10
  48. craft stores 10
  49. lower back tattoos 9
  50. tattoo flash 9

At this point, I go onto list the actual websites that the AOLers ended up on after their searches. This information is very valuable to the shrewd Hubber as by examining the types of sites that are visited, as well as their various web ecosystem statistics, a true treasure trove of information can be derived which can act as a guide towards crafting Hubs that will prove to be extremely powerful in pulling in that income-generating AOL traffic.

First I list the domain, then the IP where it is hosted. This can help you determine where the site is geographically located. Then the almighty PR or PageRank. The higher this number, the more popular this site is. Then there is the Alexa ranking. The lower this number the more popular this site is. (I know... it's confusing...) Then there is the number of backlinks through Yahoo, Google, AllTheWeb and Altavista, as well as a list of links in the site. The backlinks are an indicator of the relative importance and popularity of the site and the larger the number the better. Generally this detailed type of information is of interest to the extreme SEO enthusiast, although not as much to the average Hubber, who is likely better off just noting the PR and Alexa rankings. Then I list the number of searches that domain received in the AOL database, and the top search phrases which reached that domain and the number of times that the particular phrase was used in the AOL database to reach this specific domain.

Got it? Let's start.

Domain:, IP:, PR: 5, Alexa: 20,347, Backlinks - Yahoo: 153,253, Google: 370, AllTheWeb: 33,500, AltaVista: 34,800, Links: 431, received searches totalling: 1329
The top search phrases for this domain were:
religious pictures 9
ice cream clipart 6
team logos 5
sports clipart 5
palm tree clipart 5
bowling clipart 5
pig cartoons 5
mexican clip art 4
toilet clip art 4
flamingo clip art 4
noah's ark clip art 4
animal clip art 4

Domain:, IP:, PR: 6, Alexa: 34,520, Backlinks - Yahoo: 6,509, Google: 572, AllTheWeb: 4,590, AltaVista: 5,130, Links: 53, received searches totalling: 1262
The top search phrases for this domain were:
askart 26 20
artists 20
ask art 11
american artists 8 7
e lamasure 6
charles banks wilson 5
kelly pruitt 5
artist a d greer 5
edward chalmers leavitt 5
mizen 5

Domain:, IP:, PR: 4, Alexa: 16,475, Backlinks - Yahoo: 44,098, Google: 252, AllTheWeb: 26,000, AltaVista: 26,300, Links: 114, received searches totalling: 1252
The top search phrases for this domain were:
tattoo 41
tattoo designs 38
tattoo johnny 23
tatoo designs 20
tattoo ideas 16
butterfly tattoos 15
star tattoos 14
name tattoos 13
tattoojohnny 11
free tattoo designs 11
lower back tattoos 9
tattoo flash 9

Domain:, IP:, PR: 6, Alexa: 13,903, Backlinks - Yahoo: 15,108, Google: 233, AllTheWeb: 13,100, AltaVista: 13,300, Links: 50, received searches totalling: 1126
The top search phrases for this domain were:
hobby lobby 678
hobbylobby 114 84 55
hobby 14
hobby lobby coupon 11
craft stores 10
hobby lobby stores 9
hobby 6
hobbylobby 6
hobby lobby .com 5
hobby lobby store locator 5

Domain:, IP:, PR: 4, Alexa: 26,161, Backlinks - Yahoo: 70,713, Google: 154, AllTheWeb: 34,200, AltaVista: 35,500, Links: 100, received searches totalling: 1078
The top search phrases for this domain were:
tattoos 35
foot tattoos 14
shamrock tattoos 11
sexy tattoos 11
tinkerbell tattoos 10
rankmytattoos 9
phoenix tattoos 8
hummingbird tattoos 7
dolphin tattoos 6
firefighter tattoos 6
angel tattoos 6
star tattoos 6

Domain:, IP:, PR: 4, Alexa: 43,840, Backlinks - Yahoo: 11,818, Google: 170, AllTheWeb: 9,730, AltaVista: 9,800, Links: 85, received searches totalling: 1050
The top search phrases for this domain were:
silk flowers 29
wedding supplies 16
wedding decorations 14
floating candles 14
vases 11
candle holders 10
corsage 10
wedding reception decorations 8
discount wedding supplies 8
battery operated lights 7
how to tie a bow 6
glass bottles 6

Domain:, IP:, PR: 7, Alexa: 113, Backlinks - Yahoo: 10,595,914, Google: 108,000, AllTheWeb: 3,360,000, AltaVista: 3,710,000, Links: 115, received searches totalling: 1047
The top search phrases for this domain were:
deviant art 171
deviantart 82 17
deviant 12
art 8 5
devianart 5
little lolitas 4
red monika 3
blowjob profession 3
starfire and robin are alone in the bedroom 3
sonicriders. 3

Domain:, IP:, PR: 5, Alexa: 20,478, Backlinks - Yahoo: 15,296, Google: 315, AllTheWeb: 14,400, AltaVista: 17,000, Links: 44, received searches totalling: 1019
The top search phrases for this domain were:
tattoos 210
tattoo 46
celebrity tattoos 40
tribal tattoos 24
angelina jolie tattoos 10
tattoo designs 9
vanishing tattoo 7
tribal tattoo 7
tribal designs 6
50cent 6
nicole richie tattoo 6
naked tattoo 6

Domain:, IP:, PR: 4, Alexa: 157,262, Backlinks - Yahoo: 16,429, Google: 80, AllTheWeb: 14,100, AltaVista: 14,800, Links: 87, received searches totalling: 923
The top search phrases for this domain were:
kitchen backsplash 11
bathroom designs 10
sunroom furniture 9
kitchen curtains 8
french drain 8
bathroom design 8
bathroom ideas 6
kitchen designs 6
landscape rocks 5
wrought iron fences 5
replacing a bathroom toilet 5
above ground pool decks 5

Domain:, IP:, PR: 3, Alexa: 73,880, Backlinks - Yahoo: 15,973, Google: 265, AllTheWeb: 13,000, AltaVista: 13,300, Links: 58, received searches totalling: 918
The top search phrases for this domain were:
crafts 43
easter crafts 27
sewing patterns 15
quilting 11
free plastic canvas patterns 11
free quilt patterns 10
rubber stamps 10
beading 9
free sewing patterns 9
plastic canvas 9
free cross stitch patterns 8
jewelry making 8

I've included every major subject category, and the list continues with AUTOMOTIVE in:

Mining AOL Gold: Keywords That Increase AdClicks 210% & CPMs 312% - Part IV

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      To distill all this info from a 4.4 GB database has taken me the better part of a month! My eyes are still crossed! :)

    • Netters profile image


      9 years ago from Land of Enchantment - NM

      You've been doing your homework!


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