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Mining AOL Gold: Keywords That Increase AdClicks 210% & CPMs 312% - Part V

Updated on March 21, 2009


Ranking of top 50 keywords in this category and the number of times each keyword (phrase) was searched for in the 650,000 user AOL database.

  1. love poems 347
  2. poems 288
  3. fanfiction 188
  4. love quotes 178
  5. 129
  6. alibris 84
  7. calendars 83
  8. free printable cards 60
  9. calenders 56
  10. free printable greeting cards 50
  11. free printable birthday cards 44
  12. emily dickinson 42
  13. fan fiction 41
  14. best love poems 41
  15. william shakespeare 39
  16. printable birthday cards 37
  17. cute love quotes 33
  18. robert frost 32
  19. love poem 32
  20. beyblade fanfictions 31
  21. graduation quotes 31
  22. printable cards 29
  23. printable calendars 28
  24. love 26
  25. printable greeting cards 26
  26. printable mothers day cards 25
  27. thank you cards 24
  28. prom hairstyles 22
  29. love poetry 22
  30. 21
  31. phentermine 21
  32. popular mechanics 21
  33. 20
  34. kaixrei fanfics 19
  35. printable calendar 19
  36. sad love poems 18
  37. graduation 17
  38. family quotes 17
  39. teacher appreciation 17
  40. sad love quotes 17
  41. the great gatsby 16
  42. zero turn mowers 15
  43. edgar allen poe 14
  44. short love poems 14
  45. 13
  46. beyblade fanfiction 13
  47. animal farm 12
  48. used books 12
  49. alibris 12
  50. mother's day quotes 12

Now the domain; the IP where it is hosted; the PR or PageRank (higher is better); the Alexa ranking (lower is better); the number of backlinks through major sites; the number of searches that domain received; the top search phrases which reached that domain and the number of times that the particular phrase was used to reach this specific domain.

Domain:, IP:, PR: 5, Alexa: 39,052, Backlinks - Yahoo: 4,297, Google: 123, AllTheWeb: 3,010, AltaVista: 3,160, Links: 33, received searches totalling: 1374
The top search phrases for this domain were:
calendars 83
free printable cards 60
calenders 56
free printable greeting cards 50
free printable birthday cards 44
printable birthday cards 37
printable cards 29
printable calendars 28
printable greeting cards 26
printable mothers day cards 25
thank you cards 24
printable calendar 19

Domain:, IP:, PR: 6, Alexa: 17,550, Backlinks - Yahoo: 336,664, Google: 23, AllTheWeb: 131,000, AltaVista: 137,000, Links: 304, received searches totalling: 1317
The top search phrases for this domain were:
emily dickinson 42
william shakespeare 39
robert frost 32
the great gatsby 16
edgar allen poe 14
animal farm 12
william blake 10
alfred lord tennyson 10
guy de maupassant 9
romeo and juliet 9
john donne 8
edgar allan poe 8

Domain:, IP:, PR: 6, Alexa: 229, Backlinks - Yahoo: 1,177,627, Google: 104, AllTheWeb: 287,000, AltaVista: 289,000, Links: 1, received searches totalling: 1276
The top search phrases for this domain were:
prom hairstyles 22
no credit check loans 8
free online physic readings 8
bad credit loans 8
beta fish 6
contesting a will 5
sex positions 4
patio ideas 4
faux hip hop jewelry 3
contempt for child support in mississippi 3
luau invitations

Domain:, IP:, PR: 4, Alexa: 24,795, Backlinks - Yahoo: 405,189, Google: 108, AllTheWeb: 56,100, AltaVista: 56,200, Links: 62, received searches totalling: 1236
The top search phrases for this domain were:
love poems 347
poems 288
love quotes 178
best love poems 41
cute love quotes 33
love poem 32
love 26
love poetry 22 21
sad love poems 18
sad love quotes 17
short love poems 14

Domain:, IP:, PR: 6, Alexa: 386, Backlinks - Yahoo: 4,933,873, Google: 43, AllTheWeb: 406,000, AltaVista: 455,000, Links: 57, received searches totalling: 1182
The top search phrases for this domain were:
fanfiction 188 129
fan fiction 41
beyblade fanfictions 31
kaixrei fanfics 19
beyblade fanfiction 13 13
zach and kendall fan fiction 11
fan fiction and net 8
harry potter fanfiction 8
one piece summeries 8
fan 7

Domain:, IP:, PR: 0, Alexa: 2,188,058, Backlinks - Yahoo: 2,420, Google: 158, AllTheWeb: 157, AltaVista: 1,420, Links: 0, received searches totalling: 1128
The top search phrases for this domain were:
phentermine 21
dog sex 11
beastiality 10
party 10
viagra 8
camel toes 6
ephedra 6
nextel ringtones 5
animal sex 5
incest art 5
americanexpressgiftcard 5
pharmacy fioricet 5

Domain:, IP:, PR: 8, Alexa: 8,122, Backlinks - Yahoo: 140,135, Google: 17, AllTheWeb: 198,000, AltaVista: 205,000, Links: 217, received searches totalling: 1088
The top search phrases for this domain were:
popular mechanics 21
zero turn mowers 15
victory motorcycles 8 7
morgellons disease 6
ridley motorcycles 6
pool decks 6
911 conspiracy 6
popular mechanics magazine 5
shed plans 4
garden tractors 4
chimney painting 4

Domain:, IP:, PR: 5, Alexa: 8,879, Backlinks - Yahoo: 17,970, Google: 54, AllTheWeb: 6,600, AltaVista: 7,880, Links: 413, received searches totalling: 1039
The top search phrases for this domain were:
graduation quotes 31
family quotes 17
graduation 17
teacher appreciation 17
mother's day quotes 12
teacher quotes 10
sex quotes 10
teen love quotes 10
mother quotes 10
dance quotes 9
mothers day quotes 9
friendship quotes 8

Domain:, IP:, PR: 7, Alexa: 4,449, Backlinks - Yahoo: 2,708,951, Google: 111, AllTheWeb: 419,000, AltaVista: 429,000, Links: 100, received searches totalling: 1002
The top search phrases for this domain were:
alibris 84 20
alibris 12
used books 12
kelly 6
out of print books 6
used textbooks 5
books 5
rare books 5
kelley 4
terry williams first edition 3
mother's 3

I've included every major subject category, and the list continues with BUSINESS & JOBS in:

Mining AOL Gold: Keywords That Increase AdClicks 210% & CPMs 312% - Part VI

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