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Monetize Your Hubs

Updated on October 25, 2011

The best way to make money on HubPages is to monetize your hubs. As a matter of fact, the only way to make money on the Internet, or anywhere else is to convince someone to buy something. HubPages make monetizing a hub a simple matter of setting up accounts with the affiliates of HubPages.

The most successful affiliate program on HubPages is probably Google AdSense. Advertisers pay Google a fee to display their ads on websites that are published by affiliates of Google. If you do not have an AdSense account, create one. There is plenty of material available detailing the process so I refer you to those links included here.

Once you create an AdSense account, ads from Google will begin to appear on tour hubs.

Impressions and Clicks

Advertisors pay for space using one of two methods, or both. These methods are to pay by impressions or pay by click.

Pay per Impression

When an advertiser pays by impressions they agree to pay an amount everytime their ad is displayed on a page. This sounds like a good way to make money but impressions are sold in volume. In other words, an advertiser pays per thousands of impressions.

Say for example an advertisor pays for a particular keyword, when the keyword appears in a search the ads linked to the keyword will display on any pages opened from the search. The publisher of the website will earn a small amount, say a $0.05 for every thousand impressions. This means that to make $1.00 the ad must display 20,000 times.

The trick to earning money on impressions is two-fold: First, display ads generated from valuable keywords, second, display many Google ads on a page and generate plenty of traffic.

Pay per Click

To earn money using the pay per click method, you get paid every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads. This is called a click through and pays higher than the impressions method. Advertisers using this method agree to pay a certain amount every time a website visitor clicks on an ad.

The amount that the publisher gets paid depends on the value of the keyword that generates the ad. Keywords are auctioned off so the amount paid will be determined by the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay. The most I have personally received for a single click was around $3.00 but I have heard of publishers being compensated $50 or more for a single click, depending on the value of keyword. 

The pay per click can be very lucrative, especially if you do your research on the keywords you use.


One of the most common methods to compensate sales associates is to pay a commission. A commission is a percentage of the sales price paid to the associate who generated the sale. Amazon and e-Bay both pay affiliates on a commission basis.

One word of caution, however, do not join affiliate programs outside of those found on HubPages to promote on HubPages.  HubPages maintains affiliate relationships with Google, Amazon, e-Bay, and a couple others.  Directly promoting other programs on HubPages may lead to some adverse consequences.


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