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My 25 Personal Reasons Why Still Write on Hubpages; WHAT IS YOURS?

Updated on November 6, 2010

Oh I love this site, what of you?

I know a lot of Hubbers must have written a piece like this one; but the thing here is that we all have a general motive for choosing to write here which is sharing the knowledge we have. But there are other motives like earning more money, gaining more exposure, and then the fun of the heck of writing.

For me, the experience have been worth the while and if you are yet to sign up and start enjoying these privileges I’m about to unleash below, you can follow this link; then do not hesitate to join me as I count down to my 25 personal reasons why I love it here, you can continue reading below;

There's nothing like my ink and Pad...

  1. It is free to Join: the best things in life they say are free, things like Air, water, life and then writing on Hubpages. Though almost every writing community like this are free to join, but free here is beautiful and every hubber can attest to that. From free quality traffic, quality back links (no follow though), free exposure for your work and finally free money from the affiliate stuffs we display on our various hubs, tell me; what can be better than the word free? And I love freebies, I really do!
  2. Variety of Topic to write on: on this platform, you can write any thing that catches your fancy hence it conforms with Adsense TOS; from movies to book reviews, writing, dating and relationships, scholarship, pets and animals, love, religion,. History, geography; just name it: it is allowed here. This makes it top of the range and lovely to keep hanging out here; cos I am so free to write and express myself via the much or even the little I know, variety they say is the spice of life.
  3. Quality Traffic: when I first got on this train as a budding writer, I thought perhaps Hubpages was one of Google’s brain-child. My reason for feeling so was that this site was heavily crawled by Google Spiders. I remember my Hub 23 ways to get Your Blog Indexed without Submission, got to the first page of Google SERP for the search term “how to get your site indexed quickly” just after 24 hours of publishing it. What more can be lovelier than this?
  4. Enhanced Google Adsense Earnings: recently I read a very funny Hub where a hubber described her frustration with the Adsense Program describing it as Ad-cents (LOL). But her reasons for this was not far fetched as the clicks from this program can be very funny and abysmal. However, since I got on the Hubpages train, I have seen a spike in my Adsense earnings, just from the few hubs I have been able to publish here. I was thinking if the Hubpages management can review the Adsense sharing formula to at least 80%, even with the present 75% I still get occasional clicks every other day and the most active channel remains the Hubpages Channel, what more can I ask for?
  5. Wonderful capsule Additions: the experience keeps getting better; just got a mail from the management of Hubpages telling me of the enhanced “add capsule” feature, and I think it is really great. But more wonderful is the addition of capsules like “polls” “add notes”. With these additions comes a better and more fulfilled writing and publishing experience.
  6. Getting more Hub Comments: Though the comments I get here is still not massive, but compared to what I get on my blogs, it is a far better deal. With these comments come more responsiveness and hard work, as you’ll want to satisfy the yearnings of your teeming readers.
  7. Amazon, eBay and Kontera Lisitings: with programs like Amazon’s Associate program, eBay’s Affilaite program and Kontera’s Pay-Per-Click programs, the journey here have not been bad at all. They are Hubbers who earn good sums of money from all these networks; good money that can pick the bills.
  8. New URL help Feature: at first getting your Hub URL was really a painstaking task for some people; but with the latest improvements, the URL gets to automatically format itself, making it quite easy for any body to quickly get done with the hub formatting thing and move onto editing the capsules and eventually getting the Hub officially published.
  9. Unique URL Permalink Structure loved by search engine spiders and Bots: the hub URL arrangement is one beautiful feature that makes hubpages quite unique and SEO Compatible. A permalink structure Google and other search engine spiders love and will want to devour,
  10. Fighting writer’s Block: one quick and resourceful place any writer facing writer’s block can head to is where? this is where I refer to as the writer’s rendezvous. When I get hit by the writer’s bug (block), what I do is get to this place; look at the hot hubs on various topics ranging from dating, finance, celebrity scoops, health and fitness, children, holiday and travel etc, then bang! Streams of writing ideas begin to swim in my head abd before you say bingo! A new content is born.

Use these Resources and Fight off Writer's Block

Oh I keep loving hubpages more and more!

11. Importing feeds of my Blogs and other feeds to my Hubs: the Really Simple Syndication technology is one hell of a technology one too beautiful that words cannot explain. The wisdom by hubpages in adding this feature as one of their wonderful capsules makes sticking my guns as a writer here even stronger than ever. I write a new blog content related to my hub’s theme, and bingo it updates making it really fresh, and guess what? Search engines loves fresh contents, and with your RSS feeds updating like every 24 hours, expect more crawling and invarialbly more traffic which translates to more money. Get the bling

12. Wonderful and very Helpful forums and Communities: The Hubpages Forums is one hell of a place; a place where the elites and hubpages finest strut their stuffs. Here you get the latest gist, scoops, hot trends, industry news, How-to’s, D.I.Y’s, General Help on writing on Hubpages etc. this is where any rookie Hubber can come to when he needs help on how to succeed on this site. Remember one time or the other the so called Elites) sorry if I sound offensive to you elites) where rookies too. So they came here to seek for help and assistance, and there’s no forum or community as helpful as the Hubpages community, which makes me want to keep doing my thing here.

13 Very Helpful Fellow Hubbers: I just talked about the forums now, but they’ll be no forums if there are no Hubbers to interact on it. This site can boast of the very best writers any one can hope to interact with. Most of these top Hubbers instead of going to the forums, choose to interact and drop their hints and help on their hubs, why they do this is so that they can continue getting the traffic spikes they are currently enjoying; however this does not negate the fact that they are a helpful lot. giving you suggestions on how to improve selflessly, following you just to monitor your growth, and ultimately leave comments that can help you and make it even worth the while as a hub writer. Just for this reason, I just want to keep writing for hubpages

14. Facing the HUB Challenge: when a fellow hubber introduced the Hub challenge, at first I thought it was a very lousy idea, but looking at the progresses made so far by other rookie hubbers who joined the challenge, I come to even love this site the more. The hub challenge really made and moulded many writers. Now and more than ever, I am ready to face the Hub Challenge, the gains of writing on hubpages seems to be getting bigger each day, just imagine…

15. Socializing more with Top Hubbers: this is the only platform where you can meet and rub minds and shoulders with gurus, experts, elites and even rookies alike; making it relatively easier to get more crowd to read your stuff better than you ever imagined.

16. This feeling of Buoyancy: ♫ I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…( song by R.Kelly), this is exactly how I feel as a writer on this feeling of buoyancy stems from the fact that as a writer here, I am free to write and publish what ever I like be it politics, relationship tips, History, personal finance, writing, book reviews just any thing that I think that I can scribble a word or two hence it is in agreement with Google’s Adsense TOS. Tell me why should not fly, tell me?

17.Now I can compete with the Gurus and Elites and Still be regarded: oh my! This is one feeling and assertion I cannot stop relishing. I recently got a hook on this when I realized how easy it is to psyche the self styled gurus and elites with my persuasive writings; to the extent that I got so many of them following me; where else can that happen if not here at Hubpages! Where any thing (good thing oo) can happen say what, say what…♪

18. Yes! I now know more Hubbers: I have just overcome that feeling of isolation and loneliness I felt initially, as I have the cream-la-de-cream of Hubpages in my following, hubbers with a track record of intimidating success, what else can I hope for…

19The Hub following keeps Getting Large and even Larger: just like I stated above
Can you believe this?

20. There’s another way for Computing Hub score, I think they call it HUB Karma: with this new and improved hub inputting device that measure scores on a hubbers hubtivity and hubmetrics (I still don’t understand), giving you the score which you rightly deserves.

21. Now Topics can be categorized: it wasn’t so in the beginning, but with the category and sub category, aligning your hubs to your reader’s satisfaction and enjoyment can easily be met.

22. My Hubs are like Open Windows where Link Juice Can Pour in: if you write frequently online, you’ll know the importance of the sweet juice known as link juice. Remember it is sweet, and search bots just like human love sweet things, for this reason if they get the sweet smell of juice ( your Hubs) they do what? Flow to the direction from whence the sweetness is coming from. This is how important it could be when you get your contents on get a clue…

23.It’s like I’m on Dancing with the Stars: if you’ve been on the hit television reality series, then you should get a clue to how it feels when you get rewarded for your writing effort writing on Hubpages can be even more rewarding than this, remember your writings are entirely yours, then the residual income that accrues from it can really set you on the part of retiring well, did I hear retirement?

24. Let me show you the Money: the money they say is in the list, don’t also forget that content is king. Can I show you the money? Yes there’s the lady Amazon, there goes sensible Miss Adsense, and don’t forget that our auctioneer Mr. sheBay is also in the house; and our kong-fu training master the little known master Kon-tera. Where else can the money be, if not here on hubpages, tell me

25. It just keeps getting Better: it can only get better writing for hubpages, but one thing I’ll request here from the management of hubpages is that there should do something about earning from page views that your contents generate just like we have on sites like associated content, apart from this little request which I know they’ll be looking into, it just keeps getting better here.

These are my 25 reasons for remaining and writing here on hubpages, what are yours?


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      I helpful to find on top of lifetime yet these days We've accumulated a opposition.


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