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My Adventures in HubPages - The First 30 Days!

Updated on January 16, 2012

What I've Learned In My First 30 Days On HubPages

For my 31st hub here on HubPages, I thought I would take a look back at the journey so far. As of this writing, I've been publishing on Hubpages for a little over a month. In that time I've completed the "30 Hubs in 30 Days" Challenge, been nominated for two HubNuggets and had a great time learning about Internet publishing. In an effort to indulge myself and hopefully share some of what I've learned, I present My Adventures in HubPages!

My Results So Far

Since joining HubPages, I've published 30 hubs on a variety of subjects. Most of my hubs are cooking related - they say, "Write what you know," and I know cooking! During the "30 in 30" Challenge, whenever I found myself stumped about what to write, I'd pull out my recipe collection and create a recipe hub. I also took advantage of the Ideabank here on HP, as well as one HubMob topic my first week on the site.

As of this writing, here are my stats:

  • Author Score: 92 (the past two weeks it's ranged from 88 to 92)
  • Average HubScore: 73
  • Total Page Views: 1500+
  • Followers: 40
  • AdSense Earnings: about $5.50
  • RedGage Earnings: $4.30
  • Amazon Affiliate Earnings: 11 clicks, but no sales yet

Google Analytics

One of my favorite distractions is digging around in my Google Analytics page. From the start, most of my visitors have found me through search engines, which is an unending source of surprise to me. I would have expected my visits to mostly be internal ones from other hubbers, but that hasn't been the case at all!

I credit that with a combination of HubPages' credibility with Google and the invaluable backlinking and Google Search Engine Optimization tips I've gotten from reading other writers here on HubPages.

An Overview Of Google Analytics

Search Engine Results

I've had visitors from every continent except Antarctica, and some of the search phrases that bring visitors to my pages are sometimes pretty bizarre! Here are some of the weirder ones:

  • "herbal shampoo for dandruff relief"
  • "it is best to hire a lawyer to handle this for you as lawyers have more experience and knowledge about the legal process of settlements"
  • "gary larson far side cartoons"
  • "beautiful arab girls"
  • "cute indian college girl"
  • "i hate potheads"
  • "idiot! how to decorate cake in chocolate fondant."

I don't have any hubs that come close to any of these topics, but they've all generated visits to my hubs!

One of the things that shocked me right away was how quickly some of my hubs would appear on the first page of a Google search, even without any backlink work on my part. One of the first hubs I wrote was about Temple Grandin, who was recently featured in a critically acclaimed HBO movie starring Claire Danes. Within a day of publishing it, Google Analytics showed visitors finding it with pretty specific longtail search phrases.

These longtails have been my best source of traffic, due to a combination of hub content, keyword density and tagging. For the Temple Grandin hub, here are some of the search phrases that result in first page Google results:

  • "cattle chute inventor autistic"
  • "autism and farm machinery"
  • "autism and fear temple grandin"
  • "autism dr. ddesigns farm equipment"
  • "design for humain treatment of cattle autisim" - this one appears on the first page with "humane" spelled correctly, too!
  • "equipment a inventer used"
  • "what is the name of a autistic inventor and college graduate?" - my hub is currently #1 for this phrase

Another of my hubs that gets decent longtail traffic is the one about the Zombie Apocalypse. This was a hub that I wrote for fun when I was out of ideas. I figured I could write something funny that also naturally lent itself to highlighting some of the odder things for sale at, but didn't expect much in the way of traffic. Though it hasn't sold anything at Amazon yet (I guess there aren't a lot of folks looking to buy an $800 crossbow or a $2500 pair of night-vision binoculars), it's been a surprise performer for search phrases like these:

  • "best equipment for a zombie apocalypse" - first page on Google
  • "essential zombie gear" - #2 result
  • "gps apocalypse" - #4 result
  • "list of items you'd need to survive zombies?" - First result following Amazon shopping results

The "gps apocalypse" result is especially interesting, and leads me to my next point...

Use Keyword Research On HubPages

What I've Learned About SEO

During my first month on HubPages, I probably spent more time reading about Internet marketing and promotion than I did writing. There are endless hubs on the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I read a lot of them and learned so much that I couldn't fit into this hub!

I originally wrote a section on Search Engine Optimization for this hub, and it ended up being longer than the whole rest of the hub, so I've decided to give it a hub of it's own! You can find a link to that hub on the right...

Make Use Of The HubPages Forums!

Much of my first weeks here on HubPages was spent lurking through the forums. Whenever I found myself with a question about some feature of the site, I would search the forums, and I think I found a great answer every time! The community here is unbelievably friendly and helpful for the most part, and I think this is the first site where I actually posted to an online forum, even though I've been using the Internet since before it had pictures!

A great resource in the forums is the Extreme Hub Makeover forum. It's a place to seek out help for those hubs that just don't seem to be working.

Early in my first month I wrote my first Amazon-affiliate-focused hub about Non-stick Cookware. I liked the way the hub turned out, and I looked forward to lots of visits, even though this topic is very competitive online.

During those first weeks, all of my hubs were getting roughly the same amount of traffic, and they all had HubScores in the 70s within the first few days after publication. But this one was my least visited hub, and it had a score in the low 60s even after a week.

I turned to the forum for help, and that hub is now my fourth most visited, and the score tends to stay in the 70s. At the suggestion of the hubbers on the forum, I did some layout, keyword and tag modifications, and now I get Google traffic from some longtail search phrases:

  • "best non stick coating that doesn't come off" - 1st page
  • "best non teflon cooking" - top of 2nd page
  • "calphalon perflurooctanoic acid" - #1
  • "danger of consuming teflon from flaking pans" - #1

The Value of HubNuggets

This is a something that's a little beyond your control, but it can give a great boost to your traffic. I was lucky enough to be nominated for two HubNuggets in my first month on HubPages. The first nomination was for a hub that I liked but didn't feel was really one of my best, and it didn't fare too well in the voting. But the second nomination was for a hub about Travel Tips that I felt was one of my best, and the result of the nomination and the high number of votes I received gave me a big bump in traffic. I came in fourth place out of ten, and that meant that my hub was featured in the weekly HubPages newsletter, which is distributed to something like 50,000 hubbers.

It took me three weeks to reach 1,000 page views, but in the week after that HubNugget nomination, my visits increased more than 50% to over 1,500 views. My Author Score and my number of followers also increased, so now every time I publish a hub a bunch more people are notified, which has the potential of increasing my traffic even more!

The Hardest Part About Writing For HubPages...

For me, the toughest things about writing for HubPages are devoting as much time as I would like and figuring out what to write about. It's easy to "write what I know," but now that I've had a taste of the potential of HubPages to make money, I feel compelled to write hubs that will bring in some income. That means finding subjects that are likely to draw search engine traffic, which means keyword research - something I do not enjoy doing!

I've made a few stabs at writing hubs that are dedicated strictly to bringing in Amazon affiliate money. This is a pretty specific skill that I don't seem to possess, though! I consider myself a writer more than a marketer, and I find it tough to write about a subject that I don't feel compelled by.

Another favorite hubber of mine is Mark Knowles, who started out writing about what he knows and turned his HubPages experience into a real money maker! He is also a wealth of knowledge about the ins and outs of HubPages, and a good deal of what I've learned here came from his hubs about HubPages and SEO.


So hopefully you've learned a thing or two in this hub, and if you've been asking yourself if it's a worthwhile use of your time, I hope you agree that is it certainly is!

I don't think there's any way I could have matched the results I've gotten here if I had tried starting my own website (which is what I was researching when I came across HubPages a month ago).

The combination of the authority given to HubPages by Google and the terrific infrastructure of the site is far beyond anything I could have done on my own, and I plan on spending a lot more time researching and writing more hubs...


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  • dianeaugust profile image


    7 years ago from Tennessee

    I had to scroll down MILES to make a comment!! :-) I guess that is the surest sign that you have the right mix of words and hub panache. This article was so interesting and information and I'm just three months old here at hubberland so I'm still at the pacifier stage. I suck on my pacifier and watch what other hubbers do. Just kidding. I can't wait to read and learn more from you hubs. I haven't done hubs for money yet; it just seems overwhelming to someone who is still at the pacifier stage. But I may get to that point. I hope. Thank you for these words of wisdom. DA

  • harrison8bal profile image


    7 years ago from Shanghai

    Very attractive title, and nice written hub, ive read great things from your hub and learned a lot thanks for helping me out. :)

  • Eiddwen profile image


    8 years ago from Wales

    A very informative hub. I find that well written hubs such as this are priceless. I am going to bookmark it. I have only just come accross you on here and I'm looking forward to reading some more of your work. Take care Edweirdo.

  • minesgm profile image


    8 years ago from Texas

    I can connect to some of your experienced.. as a starter i feel i can't sleep of the overflowing ideas. But when i woke up in the morning.. i still don't know what to write.

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @2patricias - you're right, hubs about HubPages get traffic; they just don't earn any money!!

  • 2patricias profile image


    8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

    One thing shines out from this Hub - you have made some money by working at it! We do get bored with reading how to make money by doing virtually nothing.

    You have probably worked out something that we had found by experience - you get a very good number of views on Hubs that are about your HubPages experience. That strikes us as a little strange (but it is true for us).

  • theblackedition profile image

    Shane Brown-Daniels 

    8 years ago from USA

    Edwierdo! loving this hub. Google analytics has caught me too. The only thing yet for it to give is age and gender.

  • ns1209 profile image


    8 years ago from UK - England

    Another encouraging and a good hub for you. I like the zombie results!

  • kathypi profile image


    8 years ago from CANADA


  • betherann profile image

    Beth Morey 

    8 years ago from Montana

    Great hub, with good tips, seeing as I'm a first-month-er myself. Thank you!

  • kea profile image


    8 years ago

    Hey Edweirdo! Thx for sharing your experiences! It's nice to know some of us start out in a similar manner. I've been reading a lot of people's experiences where they are making $1000 / month with less than 100 Cheers.

  • obsexed profile image

    Katie Butler 

    8 years ago from Sensual, USA

    Thanks for the information. Hopefully I can learn to do as well!

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @RedElf - I hope Zsuzsy Bee is still watching - one more nuggeteer who found success !

  • RedElf profile image


    8 years ago from Canada

    Congrats, Ed. I was lucky enough to be nominated when I was quite new, and I sure noticed a big boost in my traffic, too.

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @Zsuzy Bee - And thanks to you again for the nomination :)

  • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

    Zsuzsy Bee 

    8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

    Edweirdo nice hub. It is great to find out that the hubnuggetry was of value to you. Hearing the actual increase of your pageview numbers makes me glad. It shows me that it is worthwhile for us to spend the time selecting and putting a hub together for the hubnuggets.

    Thanks for including the value of the 'hubnuggets wannabe' in your hub

    regards Zsuzsy

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    Thanks so much Dohn :D

    Mark & Nelle and many others have inspired me (and newbies like me). I've seen some of your serialized fiction on HubPages, and I've been considering doing the same with some stuff I wrote a while ago that's just been sitting in a drawer...

    And thanks for the Follow! Right back at ya!

  • dohn121 profile image


    8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    Wow. You're certainly on the right track to HubPages success and you could do a lot worse than to take advice from Mark Knowles and Nellie. They are the creme de la creme. Keep up the great work. I'm going to do my best to follow your success. Good luck to you.


  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @WordPlay - That's my favorite,too! I just couldn't resist adding it here. And thanks for the vote of confidence - it means a lot coming from someone who knows their stuff :)

    @Rochelle - I'm so glad to hear that you've learned something useful from my hub :D

  • Rochelle Frank profile image

    Rochelle Frank 

    8 years ago from California Gold Country

    Very interesting. I have been here for a couple of years and know relatively nothing compared to you. I am pleased to know I learend something that will probably be useful.

    I'm sure your efforts will start paying much better with a bit of time.

    Good one!

  • WordPlay profile image

    Carla Chadwick 

    8 years ago from Georgia

    "idiot! how to decorate cake in chocolate fondant."

    Ha! That's hilarious.

    It looks like you're doing well and really know your stuff. I'm sure you'll soon be a big success on HubPages. :-)

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    Well done LovelyPaper :D

  • lovelypaper profile image

    Renee S 

    8 years ago from Virginia

    Never heard of Redgage. I've been here about 6 weeks, 50 hubs, 123 followers and made almost $11 on Google Adsense.

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @Grant - thanks for the visit and keep up the hubbing!

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 

    8 years ago from Canada

    Hi edweirdo, This Hub gave me some motivation to pump out some hubs. I only write here on Hubpages and I think I need to get writing on another site also to get some links going. Now I am off to read your Hub on SEO.



  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @Springboard - Until they expand the HubNuggets to more folks, there is forum group for recommending other hubbers' hubs - not quite the same, but at least it's something ;)

    @ladylux - I haven't actually written one hub each day! I usually write two or three in a mad rush of activity, then upload them over the next day or two, then repeat the cycle. That way I only write when I'm motivated, and I don't feel like a slave to process. This hub actually "fermented" for a few days before I actually put it up here...

    @Holly - Good Luck! If you need motivation, you might think about trying the 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge - there's a thread in the forums that explains it and lets you track your progress. I doubt I would have been as compelled to write so many hubs if not for that self-imposed deadline!

  • Holly Ann Langdon profile image

    Holly Ann Langdon 

    8 years ago from Florida

    Thanks for the insight. I'm new to all this, having just written my 1st Hub. I too find I'm doing more research on Hubpages right now, then I am writing. This is the 1st Hub I've read, Twice! Appreciate your help.

  • ladylux profile image


    8 years ago

    So where do you even find the time to write a hub a day? Great hub by the way!!

  • Springboard profile image


    8 years ago from Wisconsin

    Congrats many times over. :) On the HubNuggets as well, though I think the HubNuggests thing should be expanded to include not just new hubbers, but simply good hubs worth mentioning that were written in the last 7 days...maybe I'll have to make that suggestion.

    I kind of screwed myself on that one because I signed up for HP 13 months before I actually wrote my first hub, so I was never eligible.

    Keep hubbing!

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    @Randy - no worries :)

    @casey - Thanks for the comment!

  • casey kaldal profile image

    casey kaldal 

    8 years ago

    Great job Edweirdo! You are rocking the hubpages.

  • Randy Godwin profile image

    Randy Godwin 

    8 years ago from Southern Georgia

    OOPS, don't know how I missed that, ED! Sorry!

  • Edweirdo profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from United States

    Randy, I actually state right at the top that I've made about $10 so far (between Adsense and RedGage)

    Thanks for stopping by :D

  • Randy Godwin profile image

    Randy Godwin 

    8 years ago from Southern Georgia

    Interesting, but you do not mention if you've actually made any money at this time. Not important to some, but very much so to others.


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