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My Goal for HubPages

Updated on May 28, 2014

My HubPages goal is to reach 100 Hubs by the end of June. This gives me a little over a month to reach my goal. That is an average of about three Hubs a day. As it is right now, this will be pretty difficult. But I wanted a slightly challenging goal, to keep me productive and focused.

I am currently fighting depression, so writing is difficult at best. But I need a goal and a focus. So HubPages it is. I have been writing on HubPages for over three years, but only recently started to take it seriously. I only had a few hubs up last month, now I have 15 on this account.

I will probably write many Hubs on metaphysics or religious topics. Metaphysics is my favorite subject. I will probably also write Hubs on Bipolar Disorder and Depression, which I know a lot about.

It's good for me to take on this goal, as I need something outside of myself to focus on, and I also need to make some extra income. This goal helps with both of these tasks. I don't expect to make tons of money, but I have seen an increase recently in my earnings, so writing more Hubs does help. Any little amount helps, because it all adds up.

Making money writing isn't easy. I used to write a lot online, but then stopped due to Bipolar Disorder. Now I wish to begin again, and so therefore I want to write more at HubPages. I like writing here. I don't feel stifled like I feel at some other writing sites. I feel free to write about what I want, and in whatever style I want. I have never had any problems with HubPages. There aren't maintenance issues all the time like with other sites.

I do write at other sites, but it seems that HubPages is the best fit for me. There is really nothing that I don't like about it. That is much more than I can say for other content sites and writing or blogging sites.

So I am going to stick with HubPages,and see how things go monetary wise. I am already seeing an increase in income, so I only expect it to go up from here on out. Even if I don't ever end up finishing my goal, I will still have the pleasure of writing to my heart's content.


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    • Tizmo profile image

      Andrei 2 years ago from Romania

      You should focus on quality rather than quantity. I have taken a look on some of your hubs and they are very very bad. They are more like posts. Your style would work better on Bubblews for example which pays you per view/like/dislike/comment of your posts and they accept short posts and you can just write your heart's content. If you want traffic from Google which you can monetize you need to improve the quality of your hubs because as they are, I have serious doubts they will make you more than 10$ per month if you are extremely lucky. This is meant as an advice after I did the same thing as you and wasted time for pretty much nothing ...

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 2 years ago from Philippines

      I finally got hold of your account, writerx. I was in a quandary on what account that you have in HP since the writerx account is moribund.I bumped into you a couple of times in PAA and inquired about your accounts.

      That is right, the HP portal doesn't go by the numbers. We need to crank out quality articles in order to survive. I am finding it difficult too; hence, I am unable to come up with that many articles here.

      See you around!


    • lovetherain profile image

      lovetherain 2 years ago from Untited States

      You probably found me through twitter I'm assuming:)

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