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My Hubpages Anniversary Thank You Note

Updated on December 18, 2012

Today, I am not really writing an article. However, I would like to write a small note on completing my 1st year on hubpages. I completed my first year on hubpages yesterday. It has been a wonderful journey as a blogger. So, I just thought of sharing a bit about my journey so far.

A year ago, my hubpages journey began as an amateur blogger/hubber. I had just completed my traineeship in a company as a blogger who writes SEO based articles. I saw a decent success as a blogger in my traineeship and thought of taking it as a full time hobby apart from other hobbies and my business. I was quite surprised at my first success on hubpages with my first article. My first article was chosen for the Rising Star accolade (I have forgotten the earlier name). Here is a link to the article.

As any new hubber knows, being chosen as a Rising star can be a success story. That is where I began my active hubbing journey. I wrote a few articles pertaining to my taste. Some of them became popular beyond my wildest imagination and expectations (so much so that one of my most popular hubs was actually unpublished by the Hubpages team temporarily, thinking that I was promoting too many back links to my own hubs as there was too much daily traffic). These hubs also made me an unofficial relationship expert (and I am still no expert when it comes to relationships). Here is a link to one of the hubs.

My year-long journey has not been a cakewalk however. I have gone through rough times as well. Though I have actively written hubs for monetization purposes (I have definitely done my best to share genuine knowledge as well), I have seen the traffic to my hubs going up and down. Reasons may be umpteen, including the Google Panda updates (the pesky one and this is one Panda I hate), the hubpages outage and so on. Some of my hubs have also been controversial and have faced the wrath of people for “misguiding” and sharing “wrong knowledge”. I however would like to reiterate that I did my best to be unbiased about the topics I chose and haven’t intended any offense to anyone. What I wrote was purely my point of view (and secretly I laughed because they drove more traffic to my hubs inadvertently). I know that is wicked.

Through my year-long journey, I am fortunate enough to have read articles from many hubbers who are wonderful writers (they definitely write far better hubs than me) and have written amazing articles. I thank them for being there. That is what made me a Hubpages addict (if there is a term like that). I have also come across various hubs written on my favorite topics which keep me glued to hubpages. There are quite a few interesting forum topics which I actively follow (No, they have nothing to do with Atheism and God related).

I thank people who have appreciated my efforts and who found my articles good enough to follow (I know that there is a lot to improve). Thank you for supporting me with your valuable comments, likes, shares and follows. It really means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep improving in the New Year and publishing better hubs. I also thank people who have showed their displeasure with my articles. You too are required for my betterment in my writing skills, though I may not completely agree with your view point.

Finally (and obviously not in a least way), I want to thank the Hubpages team for the efforts they put to maintain a wonderful blogging platform. It has definitely done a wonderful job to encourage new hubbers to bring out their best with their contests and other initiatives. The team has also done their best in resolving issues when I had any.

Thanks a lot!! Now, I am looking forward to another successful year.


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      tristan 4 years ago

      yay one year