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My Words of encouragement for any one that want to make money online

Updated on April 13, 2009

Making money on the internet for real.

Some times in life you may get disappointed because you were frustrated by your employer, or any other person, this is what am passing through, today which is 28th of February 28, 2009. I was sacked by my Boss because I came to work late, this Job is a kind of Job I spend more than twelve hours doing, which much stress around and I am only paid N266 (Naira) which is not up to $2 so imagine such kind of Job, what will you do if you were in my shoes?

I know a lot of ways I can earn money online, from Blogging to affiliate which I will love to share with every one here. You can quite your Job and just start making money online, even if they are much competition today, what is your own share online will still come to you, all you need to do is work hard and pray at it, The God that created you not to be bossed around by any human on earth will see you through.

Now you can make money online just writing articles online, imagine a person like me who work twelve hours and does not earn even $3 but $2 for the whole twelve hours you see that itself is suffering. Writing online in some sites you get paid $3 to more dollars, and imagine you are writing for more than 5 sites and each pay you $2 for each article you write, you can see that you have just made $10 writing online for a day. So with writing online you can does be exposing your site as well, take for example someone that has a site and you wrote some articles on associatedcontent and you get paid for the content you wrote and does you are advertising your site as well, then imagine you site has ads on it where you can make money from you will see that you will be making money from the ads and does from the articles you wrote as well. Widgets

You cam make money from affiliate as well, some affiliate site pay you 30%-50% from every sales made from your site or by you. Now imagine you promote a product online that worth $100 and you are been paid 30% of such product on each sales you make, and imagine on a good day after you have made much effort in selling about 5 of this products, you will see that for each product you make $30 and for the 5 now it will be:

$30 x 5 = $150

So you have made $150 for the five product just in a day, Imagine me that earn $60 from my Boss, you can see from my calculation that you can even pay my salary for 2 months, and still have some money left, that is why I just keep on blaming myself that I should have know this for a long time.

I will love to tell you all that you can make money online as well by just selling pictures online, it pays to do that as well for people who got camera, you can see that the word of Isaac Newton is real, that matter can neither be created nor destroyed but transfer from one form to another. So you see that the camera you bought can bring you money and can also provide the money you used to buy it. So you don’t just look your camera has a product you just bought and use when you go for an occasion, you can just start making money from it now, and you know the good part of it is that you can just put a picture on that site and just upload it there and any time any one download it you will earn money online, It a kind of money you earn for live, just any time a download is made on the picture.

Thanks so much for reading through my Hub, hope you learn some thing from it. Please I will appreciate it more if you can add a comment on it and at least if you have other method of making money online I will be grate if you share it with us.


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    • honestyt4isaac profile image

      Akpan Ataba 9 years ago from Planet Earth

      thank you so much, for your comment, I beleive with hard work and much traffic you can always make money online.

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I understand how you must feel in your position and I liked your article.

      But, personally I find responses have not been as expected and most of the time what I do I do for free, when I do get paid the rate is paltry.

      But I do hope it works better for you and others.