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My first six months

Updated on June 12, 2010

What does one learn when putting self into a Hub?

As I watch my stats .. daily... I am frought with the sense that I can be competitive in this realm as any other. I took on writing hubs for the shear enjoyment of sharing thoughts and ideas and learning more about how other's view their world's in this blog-o-sphere environment. I was keen on the idea of having my stuff read by people I didn't know, hopefully retaining unsolicited and honest responses. That's what I wanted from these exercises. I got so much more.

What has been created in me is a sense that my writing, albeit introspective in nature, is as interesting as others out there. A happy coincidence? A welcomed thought for certain. I can find that my anonnymous (never able to spell this word) counterparts are as soul seeking as me, and I don;t have to worry that I over burden them as they seek similar things. Not always the way with our 'real life' connections that see us daily and maybe bore of our introspection, our seeking. I spare my partner my ramblings on times, saving them up for a rainy day when I have the time and energy to place them in this little box that annonymous counterparts have a key for. I lock it up and walk away, and tomorrow, I am surprised to find when I open the box that not only is my thought/idea/rambling still there, but that there has been collaboration and discussion on them. I am lit with a warm heart.

This warmth is a slow and dwindling one. Dwindling as I feel I must continue to pursue the truths of life and share my understanding of the world with these newly acquired counterparts, to further recieve this warm heart. A vicious and delicious cycle. One I fear I fail, as my time is fleeting here in this box, and I notice other's boxes more than full with response and continued thought. I can not keep up or catch up, I am a mouse on a wheel.

So, overburdened with the knowledge that understanding the world is something I am forever attempting, and that more and more information is out there for me to suss through and comment on, I disappear in my 'other realm" of distraction (family, movies, tv, work, bosses, friends, taxes, bills etc) until again I can no longer withdraw myself from the search for truth, and once again I return to my box, and yours, to piece together the world as I think I know it. For every day things change and I again have to re-mold and re-allign my thoughts and convictions.... there's not enough hours in the day!! LOL.

So, with my hubs nearing 1000 reads, I am anxious to see the little emblem that says in "accomplishments"  "Enigmatic me's hubs have been read 1000 times" .... and then... well I will have a new goal, and continue my search for truth and freedom... for thoughts and words left in a head and unsaid will only trap me inside my own view point... and who wants that??

Here's to continued autonomy and seeking.... the truth never lies dormant if the seeker produces their thought...


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    • Aya_Hajime profile image

      Aya_Hajime 7 years ago

      Very well put. Online relationships are very interesting and relationships on HubPages are definitely different from other social networking sites.

      It will be interesting to compare and contrast the relationships and experiences that one has in online social sites. There are many similarities and also many colorful differences.

    • profile image

      liminal 8 years ago

      Don't become a mouse on a wheel, just enjoy the free flow of ideas and opinions. That's what the boxes are for :-)

    • Enigmatic Me profile image

      8 years ago from East Coast Canada

      That's the plan. Hope you take your own advice sometimes as well ;)

    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 8 years ago from Michigan

      You express some of my own thoughts as well! I think we joined hubpages around the same time. Keep writing and never give up!