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My success on Hubpages and how it helped me turn my dream into a reality!

Updated on July 22, 2014
Research Cosmetic Procedures, find, choose and rate a cosmetic care provider
Research Cosmetic Procedures, find, choose and rate a cosmetic care provider | Source

How I started

I started writing on Hubpages a few years back, it was merely a therapeutic process for me. I've always had the urge to help people and I'm one of those family members everyone calls for a referral to something to someone.

Very picky by nature, I place a huge emphasis on service as a consumer. My husband is a successful dentist that treats patients with kindness and extra care. Hearing the nightmare stories of the patients that walked in the door, gave me a reason to write about their frustrations and to guide other consumers on making the right decisions when it comes to their dental care.

Money was never the motivator, I truly found an enjoyment in it.

I continued to write on subjects familiar to me and my family, sharing the thoughts, ideas and tips with consumers that came across my articles.

I was very excited to see the first $50 in my account from Hubpages. I get to do what I love and earn extra money?, what more can I ask for.

The shift...

My life transitioned a little, a few of my small business clients asked me to start writing for them on their blogs and websites....loved it.

Hubpages had paged the way for me. I felt like Simba, out in the wild and along the way, I met many interesting, supportive people that have further encouraged my writing skills.

Turning My dream into a reality

We all have dreams, many of us will attempt pursuing those dreams and fall off, others will continue.

My dream was to have my own site, or multiple sites dedicated to specific topics I'm interested in and have a passion for. About a year ago, I began turning my dream into a reality.

A week ago, I launched my first site, the site is dedicated to women and men that want to research cosmetic procedures, find a local cosmetic surgeon and rate those surgeons or cosmetic providers.

In one week, I have received over 200 subscribers and I couldn't be more excited.

I might not be an expert, and I might not be a big corporation, but what began right here on Hubpages a few years ago turned a spark of motivation in me that continues to light brightly.

So here I am again, with you, the family I began with and I ask you to support me a Hubber just like you that's turning their dream into a reality.

I ask you to look at my site, critic, love it, hate it, share it, whatever you like, I wouldn't want anyone else in the world to see it first but you.

What do you want to do?

Hubpages can help you build, not only a list of hubs, but your ability, skill and confidence to take writing wherever your heart desires.

What do you do? do you only write here, do you love writing? what is your dream? have you started or accomplished what you want? It feels great doesn't it?

I care about your opinion!

If you had a chance to glance at the CosmetiCareLocal website, did you like it?

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© 2014 Pascale Skaf Saliba


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