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Updated on January 28, 2012

Just my Personal Comment

I know that my articles may be or seem maybe depressing but would just like to encourage and help people understand those with mental illnesses. I have experienced so many people who are misunderstood and treated like "freaks of nature." Which isn't the case...Unfortunately many fail to take the time to be understanding and open - minded about those around us. Many people are to busy with their own life to care about other's. How many of you have seen a person talking to themselves?? I'm sure you have, maybe even started sad...It's funny how you never know that one day that could be you?? No one can control the event's of their life today you can have everything and tomorrow it can all be gone leading into some of the articles I have written. People with mental illnesses are not crazy they are regular people just like you or me who have problems. Thank God for who you are...Thank God for what you have because there are many who are not so fortunate, especially in this economy which is falling and more and more people are killing themselves because of it than ever before. Everyday, "normal" people.


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    Website Examiner 5 years ago

    Yes, of course you are right. Our viewers tend to read things the way they want to see it, rather than comprehending the author's motives and intentions. Therefore, sometimes to get the point across one has to approach the topic a little bit more indirectly, so as to "lure" the reader into seeing things in the proper light.

    People of all kinds have something valuable to contribute, both to society and to our species. Thanks.