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Need New Hub Ideas? Let Your Photos Lead the Way!

Updated on July 20, 2018
Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.

Fall Flowers in Connecticut
Fall Flowers in Connecticut | Source

As writers on HubPages, it seems we are all often looking for new hub ideas. After five weeks on here, I had a brilliant idea. I am new at writing hubs as well as putting photos on my hubs. In fact, I am not that computer savvy, so it's taken me some time to figure this all out, especially the photos. I have read up on how to have the best hubs. The advice was to use at least three photos for the best hubs, and they should preferably be your own photos. Well, that works for me because I just got that part figured out, and don't even know where to find stock photos yet! I am having so much fun writing that figuring out the stock photo part will have to wait till I run out of

A) New hub ideas, and

B) Finding my own pictures to use.

But getting back to my I looked at my pictures that I already have saved on my computer, I could imagine multiple hubs to use them in. Here are some examples:

1) Flowers in Connecticut: This picture was taken on a beautiful Fall day when my daughter and I took a walk in a state park in Connecticut. She had just gotten a camera for her birthday and wanted to use it to take nature pictures. The hub that could go with this picture could be about any of the following: flowers of Connecticut, state parks in Connecticut, a mother/daughter walk on a Fall day, getting a camera for a birthday gift.

2) My Daughter: The second picture I have listed was taken on the same day. It was at a meet for my other daughter who runs cross country. The hub to go with this picture could be about running on a high school cross country team, growing up a redhead ( or ginger), or a philosophical hub about setting and reaching personal goals..." running the race" so to speak.

As I revisit this hub, one year later, after my daughter graduated from high school and went off to college, it could also be about applying for colleges, getting accepted to college, what to pack when moving to college, and a whole host of other ideas.

3) The Mill on the River: The third picture I have listed here was taken at the restaurant where my husband and I got married. The parking lot is on one side of the river, and the restaurant is on the other, so you have to cross over this bridge to eat. Inside the bridge, here's a sign that says, "The Kissing Bridge" and couples are supposed to kiss as they cross over. Why? I don't know, but it would be a great source for a hub. It could also be part of a hub that talked about the history of the old building that the bridge is attached to, called, "The Podunk Mill," in South Windsor, CT. Or, it could be a hub about this wonderful restaurant, "The Mill on the River," which is now housed inside the Podunk Mill and has fantastic food. Or, it could be part of a hub about the wonderful wedding receptions at the Mill on the River.

4) Nassau, Bahamas: The fourth picture I have here was taken on a cruise ship on our way to Nassau, in the Bahamas. I fell in love with the Bahamas when I saw how blue the water is so that in itself could be the basis of a hub, or it could be a hub about cruising in general, cruising to the Bahamas, or different types of cloud formations.

5) Buddy, the Golden Retriever: The picture here is our dog, "Buddy." I found Buddy online at 10 years ago. The hub that this inspires could be about Buddy himself, with all his quirks and personality, it could be about adopting a pet from, or about Golden Retrievers as a breed.

6) A Rainbow in the Clouds: This picture is a rainbow in the clouds taken from the balcony of the cruise ship, "The Norwegian Star." It could inspire a hub about cruising, The Norwegian Star cruise ship itself, finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or a more religious hub about what the Bible says about why God put the first rainbow in the sky.

7) Beach View: This picture was taken from the porch of a restaurant my dear husband took me to for my birthday this past July. It could inspire a hub about the restaurant itself, Summer in Connecticut, going to the beach, or a philosophical hub about fences and not wanting to be "fenced in."

I'm sure by now you, "get the picture," and since "a picture is worth a thousand words" every picture you have saved on your computer, or on a disc somewhere, could be worth a 1000 word hub...or thereabouts!

So my suggestion to you is to head back through all the saved pictures that you have on your computer and see how many hub ideas you can get for each one. If you really concentrate on it for an hour, I bet you could easily come up with 50 - 100 new hub ideas which would give you plenty of new articles to publish here on the HubPages platform. Plus, going through all of those pictures will bring back some wonderful memories.

Have fun and happy writing!

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Michaela Murray, Cross Country runner for Norwich Free Academy
Michaela Murray, Cross Country runner for Norwich Free Academy | Source
Mill on the River, S. Windsor, CT
Mill on the River, S. Windsor, CT | Source
View from Nassau, Bahamas
View from Nassau, Bahamas | Source
Buddy, the Golden Retriever
Buddy, the Golden Retriever | Source
A rainbow in the clouds taken from the balcony of a cruise ship
A rainbow in the clouds taken from the balcony of a cruise ship | Source
Birthday dinner view from the porch of the restaurant my husband took me to.
Birthday dinner view from the porch of the restaurant my husband took me to. | Source

© 2012 Karen Hellier


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