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Negotiate Better Prices Easy

Updated on October 2, 2009

Having the Guts To Negotiate

   Lets face it while everyone wants better prices and bargains not everyone is great at negotiating. You dont want to pay as much for something but you do really want the item. We've all been through this whether its getting our hair done or buying some new shoes offline or online. Stores purchase these items at wholesale pricing or liquidations, they then do a price mark up as high as they want,you purchase the items at the high markup sometimes without shopping around for better pricing because you find research too time consuming. I am going to quickly run through negotiating tips that I hope you can find of use.

   It is by far easier to get a better deal online than it is in your local stores or malls, this is because the stores know that you want the item right there on the spot and dont want to go online to pay shipping charges then have to wait for the same item to arrive which could take days,sometimes weeks. I know this is how the store makes its money, but did you know that if the customers do not purchase due to the pricing the store has to keep marking the price down simply negotiating with you without actual words being exchanged. Lets say you beat them to the punch. You never want to be disrespectful but sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do. You're standing in line at Sears, you have two items you need to pay for, a printer for $246 and ipod for $79, you're only intending on paying for 1 item which is the ipod and the other you will decline at the register. You strike up a conversation with another person in line stating you don't know why you're buying the printer for $246 when you can get it online for $127 or at office depot for $145. Now you're up to the register and the cashier has rung up both purchases but before you pay the total you state that its a lot higher than you thought it would come out to with the taxes, you state that you will just purchase the printer from Office depot for $145 and ask the cashier to ring up the ipod only. You then apologize to the cashier,make payment and then leave. How does this work out in your favor? This only works out in your favor if done in the presence of a manager, its the managers job to watch over sales,restock etc. The manager has been alerted that the printer is overpriced compared to the price of a competitor store and may in turn alert his boss, you didn't really want the printer right there on the spot but whenever you return to the store, the same printer will be amazingly marked down to a price lower than the competitor within a week. I visit alot of stores as I live in a area flooded with them, I am in and out of stores. Recently a store owner asked about a product that they had in stock that we purchased from another store, we told him the price was cheaper, he was in aww because it was just 59 cent cheaper, we told him you'd be surprised what people will do to save money these days and if it means different stores or going out of your way it will happen.  Within the next 2 days he changed his price to meet that of the competitor down the block, but the competitor lowered his price even more when he got word of what happened. The key right there was to make them compete for your business because its you that wins in the end.

    Online shopping is simple, no traveling and great deals out there to be found so who cares if you have to wait a couple days for something to arrive. The deal is simply finding a great place to purchase from and as always auction sites are simply the best. On auction websites people will go for the better pricing no matter how far you are located away from them. When I go on a auction site if i want to receive something quicker i browse the locations close to me and the sellers feedback. I find two sellers that have competitive prices,both prices are great and both sellers are close, the problem is that one seller has a higher price but is much closer than the other, I will simply message the seller telling them about the other seller with the best price but how I'd like to purchase from him at the same price explaining the situation. the seller will more than likely lower his price to steal a sale and you can do this every time.

    Being a negotiator is like being a con artist in the following ways...

1. You view what the seller has that you want(check out the costs & quality)

 2. You gain the sellers trust. (ask questions,make great conversation)

3. You plot before you kick a plan into action. (how can i get him to lower the price)

4. You get your foot in the door. (the seller is willing to negotiate)

5. You get what you want.


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