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New Adsense Interface

Updated on January 28, 2011

New Adsense Interface

New Adsense Interface
New Adsense Interface

The New Adsense Interface: The Tour

New Adsense Interface: Earning Estimates

I think new adsense interface is quite good and simplified. When you open the page of new adsense interface, what you see the first is “Today’s estimated earnings”, Estimated unpaid earnings” and “Last Payment”. This helps us to know in a glance about the earnings statistics that we have now a days.

New Adsense Interface: Performance Summary

In a “performance summary” you can see the detailed statistics about earnings of today. While using the drop down menu, you can see the statistic records of yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month and last month. The performance summary includes Page Views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC, Page RPM and Estimated earnings.

New Adsense Interface: Quick Channel Reports

If you have created channels for your adsense ad units, then you can view the performance of your channel in the section of channel. The channel performance report is also classified into today, yesterday, this month and the last month. While we are using the Hubpages, you may have created the url channels for your hub. You can see the earning performance of your hub, with the help of these channel reports.

New Adsense Interface: Menubar

In the menubar of your new adsense interface account, you can the option about creating adsense ad units under a title of “My ads”. They have simplified the adsense ad unit creation process. You can create link ads, banner ads, search ads and feed ads. You can do this work under “My ads” section of Google’s new adsense interface.

The third option that they have given in the menubar of adsense account is “Allow & block ads”. You can block some adsense ads that you never want to see along with the content of your article. There may be any reason behind the blocking of specific adsense ads, like the ad never relates with the content of your article or blog, the ad is paying very low amount of money per click, etc. You can allow the blocked ads from this section itself. This is also very easy to do and requires only few clicks.

New Adsense Interface: Account Settings

You can update your account information in the new adsense interface by using the option “Account Settings”. So, these are some important things, that we need frequently while using Google adsense account. Google Adsense has simplified their interface in a new Google adsense interface. The new Google adsense interface is still In a beta phase. Some people may find it difficult in the beginning, as they never have use of it. They would find it easy after spending some time with this new adsense interface.

The New Adsense Interface: The Story


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