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New Hubpages Account Interface

Updated on February 11, 2011

Image of New Hubpages Account Interface

New Hubpages Account Interface Looks Like This!
New Hubpages Account Interface Looks Like This!

New account Interface of Hubpages

Today, I have seen the new Hubpages account interface. You can now see the account options in the left sidebar of the Hubpages account page. I think this new arrangement is quite user friendly. The default account view is of hub 'Statistics'. In this Statistics section you get an idea about traffic to your hubs. In a new hubpages account statistic interface they have removed the last 7 days traffic view, may be to manage the width of a page. I think this is a little bit uncomfortable thing as we have a use of last 7 days statistic view. The second option in the left sidebar is about 'feedback' that you have got for your hubs. This is a new section that I have seen on Hubpages and I like it! Now, I can know reader's opinion about each of my specific hub.

Other options that you can see in the left sidebar of Hubpages Account section are some general options like category, malicious links, broken links, etc. You can set your affiliate accounts from an 'Earnings' section given above the hub statistics. Overall, we can say that the new Hubpages account interface is quite good and user friendly and we have to welcome this new initiative from Hubpages.

Update About New Hubpages Account Interface

This morning I saw another update about Hubpages account Interface. They have again added the column of '7 days' page views and for that they have adjusted the width by displaying statistics below other account options. Have a look of this update in an image below.

Update: New Hubpages Account Interface

This is how update of new Hubpages account interace looks like!
This is how update of new Hubpages account interace looks like!

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