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My New Year Resolutions as an Article Writer 2015

Updated on August 13, 2017
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Andrew has been a creator on Hubpages for over 10 years. Greeting new users as a Hubpages Elite member and helping through the forums.

2015 Improvements as a Writer

2015 will surely bring more then 2014!
2015 will surely bring more then 2014! | Source

The Main Focus of this Year

Its year 2015 and I cant figure out where all the time has gone! It feels like just yesterday I started as an online writer on Hubpages (its now going on to YEAR 7!). This year many things have changed, I kind of closed my eyes last year during all the Google Updates, the changes in payment structures, and the major thing I missed out on was how much traffic is coming from mobile devices instead of desktops now. With the large spin this year I completely ignored social media and other sites where I really should make a great online presence and I believe thats one of my major focuses this year. While focusing on my 2015 goals is hard enough I have to remember just like everyone else to write High Quality, Fresh Hubs that will be ripe for the picking. Some other treads I missed are the amount of hyperlinking between Hubs and the internet, before it used to be bad to include links for the most part but nowadays it seems like you have to in order to stay up in search engines. While anyone can go on forever about what they "should have" done all year its time to present what I plan on doing for the upcoming 2015 year!

Do you know What You Have to Focus on Improving This Year?

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Focus One: Write High Quality New Hubs

The most important thing for an article writer to do is quite simple, to WRITE! I have taken a lot of time away from the Hubpages scene and my new fresh content has been pretty dull. I published less then 20 hubs in 2014 and that doesn't sit well with me! While its too late now to do anything about 2014 its time *right now* to start writing and publishing content! While I know I am not superman, I do plan on writing a lot more hubs this year. My main focus would be publishing at least 1 Hub a week, regardless of what life throws at me. An ideal goal would be 7 a week but that might be incredibly difficult. I plan on at least having 45 fresh, featured Hubs added to my array by 2016!

Only Fresh and Tasty hubs with the highest quality will be published this year!
Only Fresh and Tasty hubs with the highest quality will be published this year! | Source

Try to use new capsules, many capsules, and make Hubs of every type.

— thranax
Using all the Social Media sites is like consulting the people who make things happen! Try to use all the social media!
Using all the Social Media sites is like consulting the people who make things happen! Try to use all the social media! | Source

Focus Two: Social Media

I have gone about an entire year without sharing a single hub on anything but 1 tweet on twitter. As an online writer this is clearly unacceptable! While I understand its hard to keep up with all the different social medias I plan on giving it a harder try this year. If I make at least 1 post a day on other sites it would be a lot better then what I have done last year. Twitter and Facebook aren't the main issues, I have completely ignored Pintrest! I never thought Pintrest was that good of a site or could produce traffic at all. This was my major flaw, and I shall make and use an account on Pintrest this year! This came as the biggest shock to me because even my Aunt's friend had a very extensive Pintrest profile and if they use it almost everyone must then! It will be my main focus, alongside Google Plus. While I am not great at self promotion and sharing, my friend Cagsil is awesome at it! Everyone should check him out and see whats really happening in America nowadays.

Social Media Focuses

  • Use Pintrest
  • Tweet every day/week
  • Make short Spoilers for my Hubs on Google Plus
  • Link to Hubbers and Externally, at Least one Per Hub

  • Remember to Follow Talented and Interesting Hubbers! Sometimes just a single Follower a Day can encourage someone to create another Hub!

Focus Three: Refurbishing my Old Hubs

While I have been out of the Hub space for the last year I noticed a lot of my Hubs have been unfeatured and aren't generating traffic, money, or much of anything actually. While they used to be Golden standard and displayed on Hubpages and my Profile proudly I fear a lot of the 3-6 year old Hubs have bit the virtual bullet. In order to have these Hubs restored to their original awesomeness ill have to work hard to include new elements, new text, or in the worse case scenarios completely re-writing them to fit todays vibe! While I know a lot of tips and tricks for improving a hub an entire refurbish will take a lot of time and effort. I am looking into having to do this to more then 40 hubs! Jeepas what happened?! While some of them might be unsalvageable I will try my best to use Revive and restore them to factory settings ;).

Sometimes we have to refurbish old hubs completely to make them more appealing and bring them back to life!
Sometimes we have to refurbish old hubs completely to make them more appealing and bring them back to life! | Source

Things to Improve In Old Hubs

  • Add more Text/Changes in the Subject to Fit Todays Needs
  • Make Custom Images, and Upgrade Images if Needed
  • Add Multimedia in Articles such as Videos, Images, and Polls

Improving your Writing isn't Difficult, Just Follow these Simple Tips! (I need them too!)

Best of Luck in 2015, We all Need It!

I hope my focuses will help you reflect on your own doings and help improve you as a writer/hubber in the year 2015. While most of it is hard work, time wasted looking at pictures, and endless searches for videos and how-to's at 2am, I think we can all be successful! Remember, for everyone to be successful we need to share. Sharing is caring and Friendship is Magic, we should share everything we all write with the people we know who would enjoy it. I try to share at least 1 Hub a day with friends, facebook, gamers, whatever. It doesn't take much to Pin a hubbers picture, send out a tweet, or drop a Url in a skype chat. Lets make this the best year Hubpages has ever had!

Hope this year brings good things!
Hope this year brings good things! | Source

Sharing is Caring - Lets make this the best year Hubpages has ever had!

— thranax

How Good do You Think This Year Will Be?

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    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 

      3 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Congratulations on your long tenure with HP. Impressive! I wish the best in the New Year – and I know you’ll reach your new goals. This is a fun article. :-)


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