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New Experiences on the Horizon

Updated on May 31, 2017
Tandem Bike that I rode on Friday  It was a great new experience
Tandem Bike that I rode on Friday It was a great new experience

New experiences are on the Horizon

New experiences can come in limitless amounts. Each day is a new day, but what about new seasons? Whenever a new season arrives so do the limitless new experiences. In the spring there are always new and exciting things to do. Whether it be you getting ready for summer and doing a new workout regime, or looking at the new trees in bloom, or finding a new spot for lunch, or to hang out that is not inside. If it is warm enough that is. For me, a new experience is being able to work outside on my deck, and feeling as though I have been cocooned in my own, oasis. That is a new experience because I have always been around open air where there are no trees and now I am in a tranquil spot of sorts.

Another new experience that I have had recently is, having to change my blog around so that it works. Something happened to it over the weekend that I didn’t authorize so now I have to change it around so that it continues to do what it was doing before, rather than just having it sit there. I have never experienced anything like it before I mean in the sense of making money, and now I need to fix it. Blogging in and of itself is a new experience for me, although I have been doing it for a year now I don’t really consider the writing part to be the new experience, I consider the setting up of it and getting paid to be that.

Who doesn’t like new experiences? New experiences whatever they may be, are very beneficial to everyone. For example, since I have moved, I have been more willing to write. Which means the more I write the more I get done which in turn brings newer and fresher ideas for later on. A new experience that I have had, but will never do again is try to drive the golf cart that we have. I did that once and can’t drive it so I will not touch it again. But some new experiences on the horizon for me is to get my blog off the ground to the point where it is not stressing me out.

What is the definition of a new experience? Or is there really a definition, for it. New experience- the apprehension of an object, thought or emotion the senses or mind: a child’s first experience of snow. Or a ride on a tandem bike. Anything that you haven’t done before is a new experience, and with summer being right around the corner there are many of those on the horizon, wouldn’t you say? If you think optimistically then new experiences, will come your way without you even knowing about them before they happen. New experiences can be, even going to a restaurant for the first time. I did that yesterday and even though I didn’t eat anything it was just being there that was the experience. For example seeing that the people who work there don’t have uniforms for a restaurant is not something that you see every day, and having a restaurant have fundraisers at their establishment each Monday. Is not something you see every day either, which was a new experience for me? Also seeing different people can be an experience, it just depends on what you consider to be a new experience.

Let's Do Something New

With it being summer, new experiences are on the horizon but don’t wait for them to come to you. If you want to have a new experience go out and get it. try something you wouldn’t normally do it will change your life, it did for me, recently and now I have a new outlook on life, or at least I am going to try to be more open-minded. It is a new season now which means new experiences are everywhere, so go and experience them.

Things that you haven't done ever, is something new. If you want to have new experiences in your life why not do something you have never done, you might be surprised and love it. If you want to do limitless things in life you have to have new experiences, and for the most part, they are usually sitting right in front of you, waiting for you to find them and do them. At least that is what happened when I rode the tandem bike, for the first time. I am not a bike person since riding a two wheeler is difficult for me. I never thought that I would enjoy riding the tandem bike but I liked it a lot and did it twice. Once, one year and once the year after, have you ever had a new experience that was so much fun you did it again?

You can do the same things a limitless number of times and still have new experiences doing it because even if you are doing the same thing you might take a different route to get there which is where the new experience could come in. So even if you do the same things and like doing them why not try something new to get the same result. That way you are still doing what you want but having limitless experiences as well which are new,

All experiences can be limitless and something new can come out of them because there is always more than one way to do things, which means there is always more than one way to experience something. You just have to be limitlessly open minded in order to see it. New experiences can happen anywhere, at any time for example when I rode the tandem bike I took trails and turns that I have never taken before and saw things that I never thought I would ever see. Even though I was in a place where I had been before I hadn't seen much of it, so it was nice to get the experience of the trails from a different vantage point.

A Tandem Bike which I will be riding tomorrow
A Tandem Bike which I will be riding tomorrow

Each Year Experience something new

Experiencing something new is what keeps your mind limitlessly active. So each year you should try and experience at least one thing new, in order to keep your mind in the frame of getting used to new things occasionally the more limitless things you learn that are new the more your mind will become limitlessly accustomed to having a new experience.

What do you think a new experience is and what have been some of your new experiences recently? Let's Discuss

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    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      This is a great hub. New experiences are always interesting at least.