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On Hiatus: The Reason Why

Updated on July 26, 2015

Hi. It's Been A While.

Despite weekly prompts from the HubPages newsletter, I haven't thought of a topic to write in a while (I probably have but then forgot about it). This isn't due to laziness or a lack of inspiration, but I'm afraid I have been busy with other projects. It's for a good cause, so in case I don't get around to writing another Hub this year, I thought I'd give some details about my activities as per a suggestion in one of the newsletters. Writers go on hiatus for different reasons that are entirely their own, whether due to personal or professional matters or sometimes even a combination of both. I'm happy to report that I have set writing goals in mind and am determined to reach them, plus some other fun activities.

Kingdom Hearts inspired RWBY artwork by xaldrix
Kingdom Hearts inspired RWBY artwork by xaldrix | Source

The Reason Why

As many of us know, Monty Oum passed away unexpectedly back in February of this year. In lieu of flowers, we were asked to do something creative. At first I didn't know what to do, as Monty was a brilliant animator and I am the furthest thing from that. However, Monty's series RWBY (which stands for Red White Black Yellow or Ruby Weiss Blake Yang) will continue with its third volume this year despite his passing. If the team could pull together to produce this without him, then the least I could do was not to give up on the third volume of a series that I had scrapped long ago. By the time I had decided this, it was already almost halfway into the year. In order to complete the ten stories I had previously mapped out, I would have to do two per month for a while, and therefore I don't have much time for writing anything else. However, I finished both stories for this month a bit early, so I thought I'd give you this explanation.

What does Monty or RWBY have to do with my project? Nothing, really, except that my series would probably fall into the same genre of entertainment. The first volume was inspired by Sailor Moon, and the second was inspired by Power Rangers. The third is the aftermath of both of these arcs, and originally it was conceived to be more of an environmental PSA, which I thought wouldn't work. I didn't want to beat potential audiences over the head with warnings about taking care of the environment. However, I'm now inspired by both creator and creation to make this last volume of mine work despite any misgivings I have about it. While I can't say the content is especially RWBY-inspired (sorry, no guns here), it's definitely given me the motivation to keep at it and be entertaining while my characters deal with their surroundings in a new way with a different sort of big bad than I'm used to writing.

The villain of the piece this time around is an eco-terrorist who sets fires and commits other acts of vandalism to prove a point about the environment and how we humans (or humanoids) are making things worse. She's a bit bonkers, and her character design ended up being similar to an adult version of Sunset Shimmer from MLPFIM: Equestria Girls before the first season of that show ever came out. Once I saw Sunset, I was ready to give up. However, I've since been able to put that aside and just write the character despite any similarities in appearance (i.e. that hair). Because my protagonists' powers are waning after the great battle was fought at the end of the last volume, I added an anti-hero to assist them who absolutely despises them (which I guess could be racism if you think about it, but not any more than most aliens are racist to begin with). I look forward to seeing how this plays out, as things often end up going in a different direction than I'd originally planned depending on what works and what doesn't.


Loose Odds and Ends

Prior to continuing work on this project, there was also another series I had to bring to a close. This one was motivated not by someone I'd never met but the people I grew up with. Back in middle school, I'd written a series of adventures that fictionalized versions of my friends and classmates and I would go on, most turning out to be dream sequences if they weren't realistic enough. The inspiration of this came from Ed Edd n Eddy, as I imagined this as more of a cartoon if I were any good at drawing (ironically, I ended up drawing comics for a few of the stories from the aforementioned project). The final adventure I had to write was the end, or the reunion special. I'd started on this years ago but lost momentum, and with our actual ten-year reunion coming up, it was time to put this one to bed. I am very pleased with the outcome and relieved that it is finally finished after all these years.

Another distraction comes as always in the form of YouTube. I don't monetize my videos there, as they are all kinds of derivative, but I don't mind that the claimants (most real, others false) monetize them for themselves instead of giving me copyright strikes. As I stated above, I am not a good animator, and my style is video slideshows. However, I just reached one hundred fifty subscriptions, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I've got a lot more videos planned and in the works, and I can't wait to be able to upload them when their individual times come. There is so much to look forward to the rest of this year and beyond that I can't wait to commemorate.

In conclusion, this is what inspires me to write and create. I plan to finish my current project by the end of this year, and then next year I'll probably work on something else (perhaps a spinoff of my first series). Regular Hubs will resume whenever I have the time to come up with some worthwhile topics and remember to write them down. I tend to come up with ideas while I'm trying to fall asleep and then they are forgotten by the time I wake up. To quote the RWBY season one theme song, "The story must be told, and victory is in a simple soul."


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