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One Reason Squidoo Died

Updated on October 17, 2014

Note the Scorecard

100 out of 100



I know what you are thinking: It is in transition to becoming a Hub Page. Yes but irrelevant. This is not a criticism of HubPages because HubPages has NEVER held up publishing of pages that meet standards. And 100 out of 100 on Squidoo was meeting standards.

This is the lensmaster dashboard view of non-publishing

We used to call it "being in the red". Let me give you a quick tour of the eleven lenses that are classified as works in progress. First of all, you are left to flounder and wonder why they have it "in the red". I am a writer and not a coder or programmer or expert on SEO and other things that go bump in the night. Published lenses are in the blue. Note that Christmas (being the birth of the Son of God) is at the bottom of the lenses a visitor can visit. Naturally it is out-ranked by an Abomination.

Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing is legendary because it was unpublished WHILE I WAS STILL CREATING IT long before I hit the button to publish it. To repeat for the hard of understanding, it was unpublished before it was published. Don't feel like you are hard of hearing or your eyes must be bad. You read right. They did not wait until the next day after I published it before they un-published it. They un-published it during creation. Like birth control pills. So perhaps the topic of hydraulic fracturing is politically sensitive. Maybe. Maybe not. I have published on Squidoo lenses on topics that I consider to be controversial or political and had no problems.

Then there are lenses on topics that by definition cannot be controversial, for example, lenses like Guide to Venus which is a guide to the planet Venus. Guide to Mercury (about the planet Mercury) faced such inexplicable obstacles and immediate un-publishing that I simply abandoned the appeal to the Squidoo team. Guide to Happiness controversial? How is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the founding documents of the United States of America controversial? I am a born-again Christian with traditional values and a person who thinks clean air, clean water, and clean food are good things. I think clean politics is a good thing. So with that as my starting point, I decided to go with traditional values (families) and combine that with something non-controversial like outer space. I like planets and space and my readers like these subjects too.

The combination of traditional values and non-controversial space resulted in the lens "Families in Space". But as you can see, it is in the red. That means that it cannot get visits -- much less Facebook Likes or earn money because visitors are denied access to see it in the first place.

I know what you are thinking: Must be some rule violation. Fix it and they will publish it.


Every last one of these "works in progress" in the red scores 100 out of 100. I simply do not hit the publish button until I get a 100. And any Squidoo lensmaster can tell you that if a lens is un-published after being published, successful appeal is almost impossible. You would have a better chance in the real world up against a Fortune 500 corporation with battalions of law firms on retainer with your case before the anti-individual, anti-consumer Roberts Supreme Court. You would have much better odds in the real world. This is why I do not publish until I get a 100.

The software of HubPages allows a hubber to test and get immediate specific feedback on editorial problems. You do not have to guess or do what psychologists call a "superstitious dance". With Squidoo, you just cannot figure out what the problem is no matter how hard you try. There is no rationale for whatever's going on because there's no pattern (rhyme) or logic (reason) behind it.

Squidoo rhyme or reason

It might have been random.


So no wonder Squidoo went under and sold itself to HubPages Inc.


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