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Online Guide To Making Money: Writing On Hubpages

Updated on December 8, 2012

What Is HubPages And How To Make Money With It

Chances are, at least once in your lifetime when you are running an internet search on a specific topic, you might have stumbled upon HubPages. But little did you know that HubPages is not just a great place to find helpful informative articles, but it is also a little money making machine.

HubPages is a platform where you are able to write content on any topic that you want to and publish it to the web. You are able to share your knowledge by creating "Hubs" which are content rich and informative for other users. A "Hub" is basically a mini-website or a mini-webpage that you could create on various topics, and you could add in your own title, images, headings and sub-headings. When creating a "hub", you are allowed to add in interactive elements to interact with users who read your content on your created "hubs".

HubPages is like a blog, but slightly different in a sense that you do not own your hub like you do with your blog. The advantage here is that HubPages has much greater standing and recognition compared to a recent start up blog, and it is much easier to be indexed on search engines and rank higher with keywords. Besides that, if you have a profitable website, HubPages could be used to funnel traffic to your website.

The best part about Hubpages is that you are able to make money through advertisements. HubPages shares their ad revenues with their writers. The more traffic you get, the more ads are clicked, the more money you will earn. It is very easy to write and publish with HubPages, and its earning potential is realistic. It is difficult to predict how much you would earn, as there are many factors that influence this.


Here are some quick tips on how to become successful with HubPages:

  • Obviously, if you want to make money with HubPages, you will need to drive traffic to your hubs, and this includes search engine optimization techniques, writing quality content, advertising, backlinking and so much more.
  • Always do some keyword research which is high in demand, but at the same time, less competitive.
  • The title needs to be catchy, as well as include your targeted keywords. It is best to use long tail title than just a short title.
  • Write long hubs at least 500 words or more, with quality content. Not only do people love quality content, but search engines do too. This will help you to rank better.
  • Make sure to sign up with Google Adsense and Kontera to earn more income from advertising.
  • Attempt affiliate marketing, as well as offering products through your hubs via Amazon.

Making money with HubPages require proper planning, research as well as plenty of effort. It is never a walk in the park when it comes to making money.


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