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Online Writing Advice for Newbies - 6

Updated on April 28, 2015


This is the Sixth part of the Series. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, this part, and the conclusion.

Newbies often dive head first into any so called on-line writing site and are ripped off, abused, lose their copyright. On top of that, they are tricked into shilling for these disreputable sites They may earn a few pennies but have no idea what is happening.

Hopefully these articles will be a little bit of sunshine.

Read the TOS, do the Searches

The first thing you do, is read the
Terms of Service.

The next thing is to do a Google
of the potential site
+ Ripoff or Scam.

Read carefully.
Make sure you get what you are being told.
Note if there are disclaimers from other posters.

What you want to know is how other people have been treated by that site, before you invest too much of your time and work.

For example many articles which reveal the unpleasant facts of certain sites, such as the demised Factoidz and current Ponzi, Bubblews, are followed by comments from 'guests' of such 'quality '...Shills in other words.

To be blunt, I had to remove the Comment capsule on More Than One of my Hub pages dealing with this topic due to the attacks of Shills. Shills who are Paid by the Site to attack me.

This is not a one off. When a writer posts; "I was ripped off by XSite ...."
And a comment from some 'guest' bleats,

"That is because you broke the rules!!!"

The first thing that should come to your mind, is

"How would another user of a site know what transpired
between a user and the management?"

Check the Requirement for Submissions

Some writing sites demand a whole heap of work.

Take Squidoo.
For them, a good article is over 3,000 words.
With Images.
And there is so much constriction on the words you can use, the topics you can cover.
You won't really know all the regulations until after you submit an article.
And it is rejected.

How many Hours did you Waste of Your life preparing that article which was rejected by a site which has no credibility whatsoever.

Another site, Wikinut, won't put you on the Star page unless:

1) Your article is about 1000 words
2) Lots of images
3) Lots of Back links
4) Lots of bold words

It's all done by an A.I. which looks for something like:

Five links
Five Bold Words
Five Images

Content isn't that important.
If you look at Star Pages on Wikinut you'll get the gist of what I'm posting.

If you don't get a Star Page, unless you've written on a topic that will be turned up by a Google search or have networked it until your fingers bleed, you won't get many hits.

The revenue on both these sites are Bad.

Then there are sites like Expertspages which will put your article as 'pending' for a week or two or more.

This is because with Expertspages, is pretty incompetent. Both will, if one actually wastes
time trying to contact the actual owner, he will cover up by saying your item was 'substandard'.

Rule of Thumb:

Once your item is 'pending' over 24 hours publish it somewhere else, anywhere else, to keep your copyright, because you can virtually put your pot on the fire that the article has been plagiarised and published elsewhere so the $$ gets in the owners pocket.

More pennies, Less Work

So far, Hubpages is not a bad choice.

You need a lot of articles in a lot of different categories which you net work. This enables you to pick up a few pennies every day.

When it comes to length and topic, you can write as much or as little as you want, you can write a story, a how-to a report, a poem, anything you desire.

You can add lots of images, a few, or none.
There is no pressure. If you want to edit your work after publication, you can. You keep your copyright.

Triond used to pay well, no longer, but it pays. On time, every time. Further, you don't have to spend three hours on an article to earn 5c. You will always know how many people saw your work, how many commented, how much money you've earned. That is on the front page.


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    • noosepaper profile image

      Caitlin Morrow 4 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      What a great article! It's true that you can often get rooked by websites. I'm on HubPages and Squidoo right now (and have only seen earnings from HubPages, but I know Squidoo takes a few months). I haven't heard of Triond or Expertscolumn, I'll have to give them a try!

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      Squidoo is a waste of time; at least with Triond and Expertscolumn you know what's happening.

    • noosepaper profile image

      Caitlin Morrow 4 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      Would you mind elaborating on why Squidoo is a waste of time? Because you have to wait for a few months to see earnings or is it just impossible to earn anything? I stuck with Squidoo because I sold something from an Amazon module, but haven't had any sales since. I'd love some honest first hand opinion!

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      Dear Noosepaper; I suggest you get your own 'honest' opinion by joining random other sites and comparing your own experiences.

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      Noose; Years ago I joined a particular Writing site. I was warned, both personally and publicaly by the articles of other writers. I didn't listen. I assumed that what these people were posting was 'their own fault' or for some other reason than the fact that the site stole the copyright and locked the poster out.

      Then it happened to me.

      And then I became one of those people writing about the site and being attacked from other Shills of the site

      And this went on until a lawsuit took that site down.

      What I learned from that is that people tend not to believe others. They tend to use their own current experience and assume that if another person had a bad experience it was the fault of that user, not the policy of the site. So what I would say, is there is nothing I can post here which will discourage you. It will only be your own experience which will prove whether or not what I post is true or false.

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