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Oregon Jam: girlpower with Friends on Acoustic Guitars and Dobro doing their Version of Helpless written byNeil Young

Updated on July 1, 2017

Bryce Creek near Eugene Oregon

Bryce Creek pic by Amy C
Bryce Creek pic by Amy C

Listen to Joni Mitchell MP3 Folk Music


The song of "Wooodstock" was actually written by Joni Mitchell and was given to Neil Young to make famous on his Deja Vu album with Crosby, Stills and Nash. Joni was unable to attend the Woodstock outdoor concert due to being scheduled for a recording contract. She wrote the song listening to the television and radio reports and from first hand conversations from people who had attended.


Eugene Oregon Jam of Members of Nervous Rex Band and Friend From Wisconsin

Two friends reunite after 25 years of losing contact, brought together by search engine after years of using other search engines looking for each other. When girlpower moved out to Oregon from Wisconsin she left many people behind her that after moving around to so many different cities became lost in transit.

When girlpower found Meg's email and wrote to her she was filled with hope that they would once again be reunited. After months of emails and phone contacts finally, the day came when Meg and her husband Bob arrived at the door and a relationship from the seventies was re-ignited. After a wonderful day and night of being caught up on the last twenty-five years, they decided to jam.

girlpower and Vinnie from the band Nervous Rex brought out their acoustic guitars and Dobro and played a set with Bob on his acoustic. Meg took the video which turned out better than ever. It shows the living room of girlpower with all the plants, pictures, and her power wheelchair that she uses when going outside.

Listen to the song Helpless that Neil Young wrote and debuted on the album Deja vu with Crosby, Stills, Nash. Click on girlpower's myspace site under SmartyPants196 for more of her music


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