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The Importance of Organizing Hubs

Updated on February 2, 2015

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The GROUP capsule

GROUP is one of the most important capsules found under MY ACCOUNT. It contains built-in instructions and handy buttons that simplify its assembly. It is an excellent tool to help hubbers arrange and organize hubs so that readers can navigate smoothly from one hub to another. I think this capsule is most helpful when a hubber has written and published 10 or more hubs. Categorizing and organizing the hubs will make the Group Page appear neat and clean.

How to start work

To start work, log on to your MY Account to select and click the capsule GROUP. What focus your attention is a page which is almost blank. It is equally divided into 2 columns- left and right. First focus attention at the left colum. At its top portion is a big heading HUB GROUP and opposite it to the far right is the HELP (HIDE) button, Click the help button to read the purpose and instruction on how to go on.

Add NEW GROUP button

Then proceed downward to ADD NEW GROUP button. But before clicking this button, your hubs must be ready- categorized and organized. How to categorize hubs is not a headache. Simply log on to your hubs one by one and copy only the main category of all your hubs from the address bar of your computer. These are the same main categories when you first write and publish your hubs. ILLUSTRATION: Suppose you have published 10 hubs organized and listed under the following categories: 3 - Home and Family - Parenting; 3 - Hub page - Managing Hub Page and 4 - Knowledge and Education.

Focus attention to right column

Now focus full attention to the other half- the right column. At its top portion are headings ASSIGN HUBS TO GROUP, Save Changes, Expand All and Collapse All. Don't get surprise why the 3 hub groups are written there and so with the titles of 10 hubs. They were brought there not by magic. If you were really observant, you'll notice that every time you finished typing a Hub Group, the same name of the Hub Group is automatically written in the right column. The titles of your hubs are likewise automatically written there. So the task to be done in the right column is reduced to matching the 10 hubs through their titles under the 3 Hub Groups. This is easily accomplished by the use of the Drag and Drop Interface. When all of the 10 hubs are correctly placed or categorized under their respective hub groups, be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES button to prevent hubs from transfering to other hub groups. Notice that before each hub group is a round thing. This is likewise a button. Clicking this will either expose or hide the hubs. Notice that there is an extra classifier- the Orphan Hub Group. It's a built-in provision to place with for new hubs that are not yet classified. The new hub title will automatically fall under this Orphan Hub Group upon publication of a new hub. This new hub is "orphan" because it is lonely and far away from a hub group similar to its kind. So you log on to My Account, select and click Group then go to Right Column and by the use of the Drag and Drop Interface, classify or bring the new hub to its appropriate group. Your new hub is no longer orphan while the Orphan Hub Group is now empty.

Enter 3 hub groups

Now go and click the ADD NEW GROUP button to enter the three (3) hub groups: Home and Family - Parenting, Hub page - Managing Hub page and Knowledge and Education. Observe that each of these 3 hub group or categories are preceded by edit and delete buttons. These hub groups are not permanent depending on one's need. That's why there's the edit and delete buttons.

Expand All and Collapse All

Opposite the Save Change Button located at the far right end are the buttons EXPAND ALL and COLLAPSE ALL. Click the latter. Result: All 10 hubs will hide except the 3 Hub Groups. Click EXPAND ALL will results in all hubs visible. What if a hubber has written and published- say 100 hubs. Then the Collapse All button will come into play. The same page will still be manageable because all of the hubs will be hidden by the collapsible button and will be opened only through the expand all button when needed;.

Try the usefulness of this tool

How is easy navigation of the reading public accomplished by the use of this capsule? Please discover that with the utilization of this particular capsule all hubs belonging to a certain HUB GROUP are interrelated together by links posted near the tail end of the hub where linkages such as print, share it, rate it and [flag this hub]. are posted. Perfectly formatted and working, the posted link displays the main category and the hub title. By clicking on this link, the readers can enjoy navigating and reading other hubs classified under the same hub group. Try and enjoy yourself the usefulness of this tool.


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